Squire Parsons
Image source: SquireParsons.com

Top gospel singer and songwriter Squire Parsons Jr. will banner a concert to be held in the evening of October 7, 2011 in the Baptist church at 2055 Merriman Road, Garden City, it was announced by Pastor Ely Sagansay.

Local talents, who include Eliel Lyn and the Band, James Tica and the 3rd Edition Band, will also perform at the concert, which is a fund-raiser.

Pastor Sagansay said the proceeds will be used to foot the expenses of medical, dental and evangelistic missions to be held in various places in the Philippines in February, 2012.

Tickets to the concert cost $10 each.

The organizers – Pastors Sagansay and Jimmy Jones – expect the concert to be an affair of fine gospel music, noting that Parsons, 63 years old, is popular among gospel music fans who enjoy listening to his songs, particularly his award-winning song, “Sweet Beulah Land.”

According to Wikepedia, Parsons earned in 1970 a Bachelor of Science in music from West Virginia University Institute of Technology in Montgomery, West Virginia where he was trained on the piano and bassoon. After graduation, he accepted a teaching position at Hannan High School in Mason County, West Virginia, and served as music directors of various churches.

He joined the Kingsmen Quartet as a baritone in 1975 and conducted singing tour with the group for four years before he embarked on a solo career.

In 1979, Parsons was ordained as a minister at Trinity Baptist Church in Asheveille, North Carolina. He has written more than 800 Southern Gospel songs, with nearly 500 published and recorded.

Among his most popular compositions are “The Master of the Sea,” “Walk On”, “He Came to Me,” “I Call it Home,” “I Sing Because,” and “I’m Not Giving Up.”

Parsons was nominated for a Dove Award in 1999 for contributing to tribute album to Dottie Rambo. He won the Singing News Fan Award for favorite male singer in 1988. He won a Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Songwriter in 1986, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995. He won the Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Baritone in 1986 and 1987.

“Sweet Beulah Land” won the Singing News Fan Awards for Song of the Year in 1981.

At present, he performs as the lead singer of the Squire Parsons Trio, and lives in Leicester, North Carolina, with his wife Linda.

For tickets purchase or reservation, individuals or groups planning to watch the concert are asked to call Pastor Sagansay at telephone 313-850-0641 or 313-292-7224 or email him at [email protected]

The concert sponsors include the First Baptist Church of Trenton (Michigan), MI Daily Devotion and the Filipino Star News.