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It was, indeed, a different kind of concert.

Filipino-Canadian Mikey Bustos made good his promise to present a concert different from the usual concerts staged by Filipino entertainers when he performed last Aug. 22 in the Sterling Height High School Performing Arts Center in Sterling Heights.

The audience of about 250 was not only pleasantly surprised by the innovative show but also had a fun time of listening and watching music videos about the outrageous antics and costumes of Mikey.

It turned out that Mikey is a total package: He can crack jokes reminiscent of Philippine life, he can dance, and he can sing very well. But he can hardly talk in Tagalog because, he said, Tagalog is not spoken in their house.

“My parents talk in Tagalog only when they are quarrelling,” he said, drawing an uproarious laughter from the audience.

He has become a popular entertainer because of his music videos regularly played in YouTube. 

His music video about his rights of passage (circumcision) evoked loud laughter as it depicted the old ways of circumcising young men on the riverside. The video even had scenes showing a long sharp bolo and young Mikey holding guava leaves which were used to prevent infection.

Another creative portion of the show was Mikey’s presentation of a video about his supposed wife jamming with him supposedly via Skype from Cebu. It turned out that the “wife” was Mikey himself. He was wearing a woman’s long hair and was singing in a slightly high-pitched voice. The blending of the voices of Mikey on stage and the Mikey in the video was superb.

Then Mikey shifted to serious singing by presenting his version of the Tagalog song “Sana,” which was popularized by his idol, Martin Nievera. Indeed, he can sing well, and his voice hued closely to that of Nievera.

His outrageous, crazy costumes made the show funnier. At one time, he wore a colorful outfit of a Pinoy superhero, and later, the gear of a half-naked Igorot warrior.                         

The participation of young, talented Michigan Fil-Am dancers made the show more entertaining.

At the end of the show, Mikey thanked the producers – namely, Vangie Tesoro, Betsy Henry, Bernard Tesoro, Marlo Orzame and Marie Jane Galigao – for their excellent work of producing the concert.