FLASHBACK Concert: Raymund and Joey belt out a song with high notes
FLASHBACK Concert: Raymund and Joey belt out a song with high notes

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Audience impressed by their superb singing as well as jokes [/box]

The show was entitled “Flashback” but it seemed more appropriate to call it “Encore of Golden Hits.”

The three popular performers – Nonoy Zuniega, Joey Albert and Raymund Lauchengco – crooned superbly the “golden hits” in the 1980s as they lived up to their lofty billing as singer-entertainers par excellence.

There was virtually non-stop excitement during the two-hour show staged on Sept. 7, 2014 in the Sterling Heights High School auditorium which was fully packed. The number of attendees was estimated at 1,000. 

The organizers said the full-house attendance was attributed to the sheer popularity of the three performers among the Michigan Filipinos, particularly those who were young adults in the 1980s. It was also the reason the tickets were sold out one week or so before the show.

The show opened with the trio singing “Celebration,” with many in the audience singing with them. This was followed by the solo performance of Lauchengco who first sang “Wake Me Up Before You Go, Go.” This was followed by his superb rendition of “Nothing is Gonna Change My Love for You.”

Mixing with the audience while singing, the handsome singer was hugged, kissed and embraced by the ladies who also posed for selfies with him. When a 22-year-old lady admitted to Lauchengco she does not know him, he said he is “Martin Niviera.” The joke caused an uproarious laughter from the audience.

Afterward, Lauchengco switched to serious singing by belting out the difficult song, “I Swear,” in which he showcased the wide note range of his golden voice.            

Then it was the turn of Joey Albert who opened her part of the show with the gay tune of “Manila, Manila.” After entertaining the audience with her stand-up jokes, she belted out “Million Miles Away.” This was followed by her fabulous singing of “Ikaw Lang.”

She later had a duet with Geo Bryja, a graphic artist and video producer who is married to a Filipina from Ilocos Norte. They sang “Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang Dumating” to the delight of the audience.

This was followed by the Nonoy Zuniga’s portion of the show. A veteran performer who started his singing career in 1981, Zuniga wowed the audience with his velvet voice as he sang “What’s Life Without You.”

His stand-up joke is about the two meanings of TNT. TNT1 means “Tago ng Tago,” and TNT2, which means “Turo ng Turo,” refers to Filipino snitches pointing to TNT1s so the authorities could arrest them. This drew a wild laughter from the crowd. He later sang, “Sa Panaginip Lang Ikaw Nahahagkan Tuwina.”

Afterwards, the three separately did a repeat performance. Lauchengo sang his own version of “Million Miles Away,” while Joey crooned “Sa Dinami-Dami ng Aking Minahal.”

Joey and Zuniga later did a duet on “Basta Tayo Magkasama.”

After the show, the Filipino Star interviewed some of the theater goers who all said they got their money’s worth as they immensely enjoyed the performance of the three singers.

Among those interviewed were Gemma Maurer, Rochelle Villahermosa, Alma Robles, Lalai de Venecia, Bobot Galanto and Carol Ambas.