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Veteran actress and multi-awardee Perla Bautista has turned controversial as a result of her role in a new movie. For the first time, she enacted a bad role in the movie which is based on Philippine history. She played the controversial role in the indie movie about the true life story of General Antonio Luna.

“For sure, it will be questioned by the Aguinaldo family. I enact the role of the supposedly mean mother of General Emilio Aguinaldo. According to the film script, she took part in the assassination plot of Andres Bonifacio.  I know it will create enraged reaction from the living heirs of Aguinaldo for this was never touched in Philippine history books, but I just hope the film will be approved by the Board of Censors,” Perla quipped.

Meanwhile, Perla recalled that recently she had time bonding with the two of the oldest actresses in the local cinema. They are Mila del Sol, who is now 92 years old; and still active Anita Linda, Perla’s best friend, who turns 91 years old this year.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Zsa Zsa okays sale of Dolphy’s real properties[/box]

Zsa Zsa Padilla
Zsa-Zsa Padilla

In a serious tone, Zsa-ZsaPadilla affirmed that she had given the nod for the sale of the late Dolphy’s real estate properties. The aim is to raise funds for the planned Dolphy museum and for the Dolphy Ais para sa Pinoy Foundation.

“I made it clear though that some of the funds will be given to his offsprings and grand children so they put up businesses of their own,” said  Zsa-Zsa.

Her statement was attested to by one of Dolphy’s heirs, Eric Quizon, who spends most of his time abroad

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Claudine Barreto’s lawyer resigns[/box]

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Claudine Barreto
Claudine Barreto

There’s truth to the news that Claudine Barretto’s lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, resigned in the cases she had filed against ex husband Raymart Santiago. The reason quit caused conflicting  reports. One report has it that Topacio got so tired of her alleged lies that he could no longer stomach them.

It was also insinuated that Claudine felt that his performance as a defense counsel fell below her expectations, and that’s why she fired him.

Whatever is the reason, many think that Topacio has done the right thing because the cases will go nowhere, and at the end Raymart will be cleared of her accusations.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Ex-actor’s son hired by Introvoys member[/box]

Remember G3 Misa, the lead guitarist of the famous band Introvoys? For some time now he has been based in Los Angeles, California. He formed a new group, has released a music video “Habang Buhay” aired on MTV Pinoy, MYX and shared in You Tube.

At the same time, G3 has a new album entitled “Never Look Back,” which is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and website

One of the new members of the group, Hans Ivan Francisco, is the son of erstwhile actor-assistant film director Eric Francisco and the grandson of ex-movie line producer-writer LIta Santos Francisco who are based in L.A. and Vancouver, Canada, respectively.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Spicy tidbits:[/box]

As of this writing, Kapuso actress LJ Reyes has yet  to disclose who’s closest to her heart. Not a few commented that working with Renz Fernandez in two TV series – “Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko” and “Yagit” — has made the two inseparable. Others claim the truth is that LJ is leaning towards Kapamilya actor JC de Vera who doesn’t deny his feelings for LJ .Ah, when will she disclose her real love?

Could it be true that Xian Lim lost a meaty role in teleserye “Bridge” because he suffers in comparison to lead stars Jericho Rosales and Maja Salvador, acting-wise? Paulo Avelino has taken his place. In this regard, Xian said that  the management opted to reteam him with Kim Chiu in another drama series. Which is which?

Not a few surmise that Marian Rivera would soon feel uncomfortable about the teamup of Dingdong Dante and Carla Abellana in a forthcoming TV series. Reportedly, Marian admitted to a colleague that Carla’s beauty and charm will surely captivate Diingdong. This is a sign of jealousy, mind you.

While it’s true that Jamie Rivera both belted the songs “Tell the World of His Love” and “We Are the God’s Children in honor of Pope John Paul and Pope Francis who recently visited the Philippines, the one dedicated to Pope John Paul was more popular than the song intended for Pope Francis. Jamie refused to comment on this.

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