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Latest news reports have it that Marian Rivera rejected Tom Rodriguez to be her leading man in a new GMA-7 TV series. If the reports were true, Tom would harbor no grudge against Marian. He considers Marian a friend because his manager Popoy Caritativo used to be Marian’s manager.

The intrigue came about as a result of Marian’s alleged utterance in the past that she won’t choose or accept a TV partner from Popoy’s wards. But Marian’s camp said never had Marian thrown those nasty words. Or words to the effect that she is rejecting Tom.

Whether true or not, Tom doesn’t feel like making a remark against Marian. For him, it’s not a big issue. It looks like he’s still overwhelmed by the tremendous success of his teleserye “My Husband’s Lover” in the local and global scene. It was the No. 1 topic in internet chats.

His confidante said, “Kung nag-stay siya sa Kapamilya network hanggang ngayon ay supporting actor pa rin siya. It’s, indeed, a wise move for Tom to transfer to the Kapuso station. Now, he’s among the top young actors.”[box type=”default” size=”large”] Hollywood producer backs PHL’s Oscars bid [/box]It ‘s nice to hear that one of the top Hollywood producers, Dean Devlin of “Independence Day” film (Oscars Best Picture) has fully backed Philippine entry in the Oscars Best Foreign film category with the film entitled “Transit.” The film’s director-producer Paul Soriano said Dean had relayed to him that he’s amazed by its beautiful, totally different treatment of the plot. Dean goes around campaigning for “Transit,” funding his effort from his own pocket, among Oscars members.

“Na-touch ako dahil Dean never asked for any payment, aside from personally inviting me to be there on the final campaign period this November. He crosses his fingers it will win the Best Foreign Film award. Ganyan siya ka-believe sa ‘Transit,’” Paul, who’s Toni Gonzaga’s BF, told reporters.

One possible reason why Dean is fully supporting “Transit” could be that his mom is a Pinay. He has soft spot for the Philippines.[box type=”default” size=”large”] LJ not jealous of KC [/box]

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With the admission of KC Concepcion and Paulo Avelino that they’re dating and that Paulo’s an eager suitor of KC, LJ Reyes who is his long-time GF and mom of their child is said to be insipient with jealousy. Thus, several showbiz writers bombarded her with queries about the matter.

“Of course, not. We broke up already, yet we’ve remained friends And Paulo still showers our son with love, care. If it’s true, I’m happy for Paulo and KC, “ LJ was quoted as saying.

Asked if her lovelier, sexier looks could be attributed to her closeness to JC de Vera, her alleged new love, LJ reportedly just grinned.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Love Triangle among Kathryn, Daniel, Julia? [/box]It’s being buzzed around that Daniel Padilla often sees Julia Barretto at the set of her new TV series, “Mirabelia.” We heard that fans of the Daniel-Kathryn Bernardo love team would like to confront Julia about it. A circumspect Julia immediately denied it.

Is Julia playing safe to avoid being bashed by the Daniel-Kathryn diehards on Twitter? Whatever, a colleague believes it’s true that Daniel has been smitten by Julia’s charms. Possibly, a love triangle off screen looms. Or this could be a publicity ploy of ABS-CBN? It may have a plan to cast the three in a project next year.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Showbiz career awaits Arriela [/box]This early, showbiz career awaits Miss Universe 2013 3rd runner-up Arriela Arida. Reports have it that GMA 7, Channel 2 and TV5 would like to offer her as a TV host-actress. But it remains to be seen if she is going to grab that chance. It looks like Arriela has other priorities, her confidante confided.

Curiously, days before the Miss Universe pageant, Arriela was predicted by her BF Kapuso actor Ervic Vijandre that she would make it to the top five, together with Misses Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador and Brazil. Well, he was in Russia to support Arriela.

Current Items: Jessy Mendiola is glad that ex-BF JM de Guzman has emerged better now after he went out of rehab. His depression, health problems caused his long absence in showbiz. Rocco Nacino replaced JM in the film-bio of San Pedro Calungsod, a Metro Manila film festival entry. JM has also lost several projects at ABS-CBN.

The House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal has authorized Aga Muhlach to collect some ballot boxes in connection with his move for recount of votes. His rival in the election for the 4th district congrssman of Camarines Sur, Wimpy Fuentebella, defeated him by 2000 votes in the official tally. The tribunal stated that in form and substance, Aga’s protest is sufficient.

Hollywood stars George Clooney, Mel Gibson and Miami basketball coach Erik Spoelstra are among those who airedfund-raising calls for the Philippine typhoon victims.  The responseof more than 20 countries to assist the Philippines has been overwhelming. They have expressed admiration for the resiliency and the bayanihan spirit of the Filipinos.

“Metro Manila,” the United Kingdom’s entry in the Oscars best foreign film category, got five nominations in the British Indie Film Awards. These include Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor for Pinoy actor John Arcilla. No wonder, John is in demand among foreign producers.

An irate Korina Sanchez of ABS-CBN News had slammed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper for his reports that there was no government action in Tacloban City in the wake of typhoon “Yolanda.” Cooper’s reports irked Korina’s hubby, Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas. Korina said Cooper is misinformed and doesn’t know what’s transpiring in the aftermath of the typhoon. While still in the Philippines, Cooper clarified what he meant was that no big relief efforts have been done in retrieving the bodies of dead people in Leyte.