Susan Roces
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Don’t look now, but the guest appearance of Susan Roces as the mom of Coney Reyes in the TV series “100 Days to Heaven” dispelled talks that she would never be taken back by the ABS-CBN bigwigs.

Talks had it that ABS-CBN took against Susan her doing a project under the banner of TV-5. Her guest appearance at an ABS-CBN

TV series proves that Susan has no bad blood with the Kapamilya network.

Incidentally, Susan exuded sincere empathy during the wake of Boots Plata, husband of her manager Dolor Guevarra. Boots passed away few weeks ago.

Throughout Dolor’s days of grief, Susan never left her, consoling and assisting her. This is understandable; Dolor happens to be one of Susan’s long-time advisers.

Our deepest condolences to Dolor and her family.[box type=”default” size=”medium”] Blind item:
Would you believe that close friends of a TV-movie actor call him martyr husband of a popular actress? Why?

The actor’s pals say that all the years of his married life, he has always been patient to and forgiving of the misdoings of his wife. But as his friends pointed out, one’s kindness has an end.

Although the actor has not admitted it, many of his confidantes say that he has had enough with his actress-wife. “Kumbaga naubos na ang pasensya at pagtitiis niya sa mga ginagawa ng asawa niya sa kanya,” one of his friends surmise. Is it true that a third party is involved? [/box]