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A colleague queried Robin Padilla about his comment on his daughter Kylie being overshadowed, career-wise, by his nephew Daniel Padilla. With a grin, Binoe said there’s no issue about it as he’s proud of Daniel’s accomplishments.

“Frankly, I predict that Daniel will even surpass my fame. In the first place, he is a good singer; I’ve not achieved that. And at a young age, blockbusters na ang mga starrers niya. That’s why the entire Padilla clan is very elated by his standing in showbiz. Ipinagmamalaki namin si Daniel,” Binoe was quoted as saying.

Binoe’s forthcoming movie will be about the biography of Andres Bonifacio which, he believes, will become a milestone in his career.

“It’s high time for me to do significant, historical movies. At this point I’d like to be called a truly serious actor, especially after I received the Actor of the Year award from the 45th Box Office Entertainment Awards,” he added.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Intrigues plague ‘The Buzz’ [/box]

With the frequent change in the format of the Kapamilya network’s talk show “The Buzz,” intrigues have been flying over it. First, it was changed to “Buzz ng Bayan,” with Boy Abunda’s co-hosts Toni Gonzaga and Charlene Gonzales replaced by  Janice de Belen and Carmina Villaroel.

Then few days later, it’s back to “The Buzz,” and previous hosts – Kris Aquino and Toni Gonzaga — are again hosting the show together with Boy. Words snowball that since the Kapuso talk show “Star Talk” has been pitted against “The Buzz” every Sunday, “Star Talk” has beaten The Buzz in the rating chart.

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A spokesman of ABS-CBN clarified that the management has acceded to the clamor of fans to bring back Kris and Toni to the show, using the original The Buzz format. This has nothing to do with insecurity against a rival program, management said.

[box type=”default” size=”medium”] Vice Ganda, Boy Abunda vs PBA player and dad [/box]

The squabble started when PBA player Terence Romeo of Global Port team wrote  in instagram that he has no affair with Vice Ganda. Then his dad, William Romeo, threw maleficent words at gays, a statement which hurt both Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda.

In the airing of The Buzz, Vice Ganda clarified he had never admitted any relationship with guys, including Terence. And though Vice Ganda respects Terence’s father, his statement against gays has totally disheartened the so-called “third sex.”

Boy was more vocal about it, saying, “Pinalabas na parang masasama ang mga bakla na sobrang masakit para sa amin. Even Pope Francis told the people if a gay is with God and has good intention, who am I to judge? Ever since I have been fighting for equality, and the gays lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders deserve to be understood. I respect Terence’s dad but I don’t go for his opinion.”

We heard that Terence had apologized to Vice Ganda for his dad’s words. Vice Ganda knows that Terence has problems with his father.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] No love life for Dennis [/box]

Versatile actor Dennis Trillo has had enough of romance, serious or not. That’s why he is concentrating on his career, with his love life set aside in the meanftime. Dennis is half-way filming a Cinemalaya’s entry this August titled “The Janitor.” Directed by Mike Tuviera, it’s based on a true story about a bloody bank massacre in 2008. Dennis plays the role of an ex-cop hunting the killer-lawmen.

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Asked if he tried off screen a same-sex relationship after his role of a gay person in the super hit “My Husband’s Lover,” Dennis smiled and said, “I’m no homophobic, I’ve third sex chums and I do understand them. But honestly, wala akong plano.”

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Current Tidbits: [/box]Would you believe Luis Manzano sees himself in the person of his co-host in “The Voice Kids” Alex Gonzaga?  “If I re-encarnate as a girl, I would be Alex. We’ve many things in common, pati way of thinking, “ said Luis who doesn’t keep secret his dream of marrying his GF Angel Locsin in due time.

Kapuso actor-TV host Mikael Daez denied talks that he’s a stalker when his rumored GF Miss World Megan Young enplaned back to the Philippines. He followed her wheever she went. He confirmed they remain close to each other, but he did not confirm or deny talks that Megan  broke off with him.

My condolences to the family of good chum veteran writer-PRO Ernie Pecho who passed way recently. During his term as president of the Philippine Movie Press, he initiated the PMPC Star Awards for movies, TV and the writing contest for the movie press. As colleague Mario Hernando of MTRCB said, “We’ll miss his lovable, comical nature na tatak niya.”

A showbiz writer who’s a pal of ER Ejercito asked, “Why is he (ER) the only one being disqualified for campaign overspending?” He identified other politicians who have not been dislodged but have spent more than what ER had spent. He asked, “Is it true that it’s because the government in power dislikes ER? Eh, yong sinuportahan ni Pnoy as candidate for Laguna governor ay natalo ni ER by a wide margin.?”

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What’s the reason why Mark Herras hasn’t been in the cast of the recent “Sunday All Stars” TV program of GMA-7?

Did he voluntarily quit the show or did management kick him out due to his altercation with teen members of the show?