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Once again, Nora proved to all and sundry her profound love, concern for her long-time chum German Moreno. She was one of the first to visit German when he was brought to a hospital due to a stroke.

“I felt so sad about his plight. Nag-aalala ako at naaawa sa kanya. Thank God, he’s slowly recovering as what his son Federico told us. He’s currently undergoing therapy. His arm and hand have been temporarily paralyzed,” Nora said.

During their many decades of friendship, misunderstandings befell the two. Yet Nora said German had never taken it against her. At times, Germs would hearken  to her, displaying his compassion and loyalty.

“Right now, my main concern is for him to fully recover. The showbiz world, especially the new actors and actresses he has consistently assisted need him,” Nora also said.

On her possible reteaming with Gov. Vilma Santos, Nora crossed her fingers that the project will push through this year.

[box type=”default” size=”large”]Robin, Vina respect decision of judges[/box]

Expectedly, the producer of “Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo” Rina Navarro griped about the winners in the Metro Manila Film Festival. The judges adjudged the film the best picture, but it lost in the other major categories such as best director, best actor and best screenplay. She compared the film fest to a cooking competition in which the chef’s creation was adjudged the best, but he failed to win the best chef award.

In this light, top billers of the movie, Robin Padilla and Vina Morales, have shown moral support for the producer. Nevertheless, Robin aired his respect for the decisions of the judges. Vina also noted that in every award night, disgruntled contestants usually come to the fore.

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As it is, the judges can never please all in any contest. They’re chosen give the overall merits. So be it, Robin and Vina said.

In any case, Robin admitted that many moviegoers watched “Bonifacio” right after it won the Best Film Award. “Hindi na kami nangulelat sa takilya,” Robin said in jest.

[box type=”default” size=”large”]Jake Cuenca is loveless again[/box]

Ladies who have been linked to Jake Cuenca, take note. Jake himself confirmed that he has already parted ways with his girlfriend, foreigner-model Chanel Olive Thomas.

In an interview, Jake opened up.” We’ve tried but failed to reconcile. We really don’t know why we cannot reach our goals and priorities, and parting ways seems the best thing to do. At least we’re not bitter in our breakup,” Jake said.

Jake is not brash and flippant to find soon a new love — be it in and out of showbiz. At the outset, he’s honest enough to say that not winning an acting award in the local scene up to this day compels him to yearn for a serious movie project of which he is the starrer.

One can’t blame Jake. He had tucked in his belt a Best Actor trophy which he won for his role in “Mulat” (Awaken) at the New York International Film Festival. But the same film was seemingly ignored by the award-giving bodies in the Philippines.

[box type=”default” size=”large”]Arrida is online host for Miss Universe[/box]

Erstwhile Miss Universe runner up Ariella Arrida will be the online host backstage at the Miss Universe competitions to be held on Jan. 25, 2015 at the Florida International University in Miami. She was flattered that the organizers picked her as one of the hosts in the prestigious beauty contest. That means that the organizers were impressed by her talent at the time she joined the Miss Universe pageant two years ago.

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Incidentally, Ariella has high hopes that current Bb. Pilipinas Mary Jane Lastimosa will figure prominently in the competition. A noted psychic has predicted Mary Jane will be the third Filipina to win the Miss Universe title. Come to think of it, for four years in a row, our bets emerged runners-up. They are Venus Raj, Shamsey Supsup, Janine Togonon and Ariella.

[box type=”default” size=”large”]Spicy tidbits:[/box]

Broadcaster Noli de Castro has been lambasted by online tweeters for his allegedly rude acts on the air while talking with co-broadcaster Winnie Cordero on the Quiapo fiesta topic on TV Patrol. Some of the comments: “Porke di niya type ang sagot ni Wiinie, pinutol eh di pa tapos magsalita.

How rude, unrofessional of him;  Wiinnie does not deserve to be treated that way by supposedly a respectable person.”

Noli’s camp clarified he didn’t mean harm to Winnie, and there’s no bad blood between the two after the incident.