Vic Sotto - Ai-Ai Delas Alas
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Comedy queen Ai-Ai delas Alas burst into laughter when asked by a showbiz writer if she and Vic Sotto were once real lovers. Ai-Ai said no such relationship transpired although she admitted that as a tyro then, she had yearned for a romance with Vic as she was very fond of him.

“I told myself then, ‘Sana matikman kong maging boyfriend si Vic. Ironically, when I was given a chance to work with Vic in the movie “Enteng ka ng Ina Mo” in 2011, the exact opposite happened. We developed true friendship with each other. I outgrew my desire for love due to our friendship. Vic showed inherent concern for me in times of stress. Dependable friend siya talaga,” Ai-Ai told my colleague.

After a series of movie teamups, the duo will topcast for the first time a TV comedy program titled “Hay Bahay,” to be shown every Saturday on GMA-7.

At the first taping day, Ai-Ai and Vic exchanged comic antics about their personal love life, and this led the entire cast to laugh. Ai-Ai anticipated that their tandem will continue to hold people in stitches off and on the camera.

Vina Morales on warpath with her ex-BF anew

In the news again is the battle in court between Vina Morales and her ex-BF Cedric Lee. It rekindled at a time when Vina was abroad. She found out that Cedric got their daughter Ceana who stayed in his house for nine days without her permission. Vina said there’s an existing court order that Cedric can visit Ceana only once a week. Vina claimed she can no longer stand Cedric’s bullying of her and her family.

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Vina Morales and Foreigner Boyfriend

Cedric retaliated by filing libel charges against Vina. She told the movie press, “For 30 years in showbiz I’ve no record to put down, belittle co-workers. There’s a limit for patience. I’ve had enough of his abuses. I know God is on my side.”

It is recalled that comedian-TV host Vhong Navarro had accused Cedric of illegal detention and serious physical injuries in connection with an incident that occurred in 2014. To date, the court hasn’t yet decided on the case.

Willie denies he impregnated a dancer

Lately, Willie Revillame found himself in the hot seat again. This time, talks imply that a dancer at his TV show “Wowowin” allegedly got pregnant by him. She’s the curvaceous Samantha Page, allegedly his favorite co-worker.

Willie Revillame

Willie’s spokesman told this writer that the rumor was presumptuous, putting Willie in a bad light. The truth of the matter, my informant said, is that at one time Willie saw Samantha crying backstage. He learned she had a quarrel with her non-showbiz lover. It was Willie who had made a move to patch up the problem. It’s really baseless to accuse him.

Is Sarah Geronimo sick or pregnant?

For quite a time Sarah Geronimo kept herself inactive, causing rumor-mongers to speculate she might be pregnant. The executive president of Viva Entertainment, who’s also Sarah’s boss, came to her defense, saying she’s sick and undergoing medical treatment which requires her to rest.

Sarah Geronimo Pregnant

To ferret out the real score, this writer queried one of the closest writer-chums of Sarah. She said that belonging to a conservative family and at age 27, Sarah still sticks to her vow to give up only her virginity after marriage. That’s why Sarah loves very much her boyfriend, Metteo Guidicelli, for understanding her and for respecting her in her belief.

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Claudine Barreto needs our prayers

While we were writing this piece (last week), Claudine Barretto remained confined in the hospital after she underwent a series of surgeries for a blood-related ailment. To stop those antagonizing her in the social media, people close to her pleaded to the bashers to pray for Claudine’s fast recovery.

Claudine Barreto

The exchange of barbs between Claudine and sibling Getchen Barretto in the Instagrams drew the attention of bashers who have soft spot for Gretchen to criticize Claudine. Ah, hopefully with the unhealthy condition of Claudine, Gretchen would bury the hatchet and forget their differences.

Current tidbits:

The joke thrown at Daniel Padilla and Coleen Garcia by mutual friends is that the two would soon be step siblings. It happens that Daniel’s mom Karla Estrada and Coleen’s good-looking dad Jose Garcia are on a brink of romance as indicated by Facebook photos. But Karla admitted in her TV show, “Magandang Buhay,” that they‘re not yet a couple.

It was alleged that Maine Mendoza and Rochelle Pangilinan don’t see eye to eye with each other, but Rochelle brushed the talks off. It was triggered by the fact that when Maine wasn’t in showbiz yet, she wrote unsavory remarks in her Twitter Account about the Sex Bomb Girls led by Rochelle.

Earlier, Rochelle related that in one episode of Eat Bulaga, Maine approached her to say sorry and said she just meant to be funny, and not to ridicule the Sex Bomb Girls. “So walang issue ‘yun. Actually, we’re good friends these days,”Rochelle said.

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It’s not true that Mariel Rodriguez Padilla suffered another miscarriage recently. She was rushed to the hospital due to abdominal pains caused by her baby’s movement, her doctor said. Of course, Robin Padilla was at her bedside when she was at the hopsital.