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A colleague related that Nikki Gil cried foul over an allegation that she caused ex-BF Billy Crawford to resort to heavy drinking that led his detention in the Taguig police headquarters. Allegedly, Nikki bumped into Billy at a Star Magic party, and the chance meeting reportedly resulted in an exchange of unpleasant words. This reportedly prompted Billy to indulge in heavy drinking at a bar in Taguig.

My source recalled that Nikki and Billy broke up amicably with no bitterness. That’s why every time they meet they are cordial to each other.

“Na-upset si Nikki sa said rumor dahil it’s a total hogwash. But she hopes Billy can withstand what befalls him because he’s a basically harmless person. That’s how Nikki looks at Billy,” my colleague told me.

Meanwhile, we heard that Billy’s current love Coleen Garcia, his co-host at the TV show, “It’s Showtime,” has extended full support for him. She was the first person to visit him during the night he was detained for malicious mischief. A spokesman of the Taguig police observed that it was a minor case but was magnified because Billy is a celebrity.

Come to think of it, one after the other, the hosts of “It’s Showtime” had gotten themselves entangled in ballyhooed controversies. They are Vhong Navarro, Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda. Recently, Vice was summoned by the Movie, TV Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) for his antics which were considered not suitable for general audience, particularly kids.

Ah, who’ll be the next of the host to hug unfavorably the spotlight? Jhong Hilario? Karylle? We hope not.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Ronnie’s camp threatened Edu? [/box]

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Since Ronnie Ricketts was suspended as head of the Optical Media Board (OPM), actor-TV host Edu Manzano who was once chairman of the anti piracy body, claimed Ronnie’s cronies blamed him for the suspension. Allegedly, Edu had influenced Ombudsman chief Conchita Carpio Morales into suspending Ronnie for negligence of duty and corrupt practices.

Edu received a death threat and insulting words. “Walang gagawa niyan, maliban sa isa sa staff ni Ronnie  na suspendido rin. I’d like to tell them, my conscience is clear. Don’t put me into trouble out of their misdeeds. I’m not afraid and am ready to face the consequences,” Edu was quoted as saying.

A mutual friend of Ronnie and Edu mediated to thresh out their differences. After all, both did not denigrate each other before, and in fact had worked together in some showbiz projects.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Aga Muhlach’s new outlook in politics [/box]

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A more pliable Aga Muhlach came out lately with a new outlook in politics and acting career. If anything, the change cropped up after Aga accepted his defeat to Congressman Wimpy Fuentebella who beat him in the 2012 congressional elections in Camarines Sur. The House Electoral Tribunal dismissed the election protest filed by Aga almost two years ago.

Aga said he may run again in the polls someday. “I’ll try not to commit the same mistake of lack of preparedness. Just like my showbiz career, after a lull for some time I’ve to make the right decision.” Aga told his writer-friends.

Does this mean Aga is all set to start a new TV series for ABS-CBN? It was earlier reported that that he had signed a new contract with the Kapamilya network. Is it be possible for Aga to team up with megastar Sharon Cuneta who’s rumored to have returned to the Kapamilya fold?

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Jessica Soho apologizes to actor’s Pinay wife [/box]

Jessica Soho apologizes to actors Pinay wife

Although it was not her fault, multi-awarded broadcaster Jessica Soho apologized to  Georgette Inaba,  Pinay wife of actor Ryosuke Kaizu, a member of famous Sentai actors of Japan. The staff of Jessica’s TV show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica” had earlier contacted Georgette for an interview with the group.

As arranged, Ryosuke and the Sentai group waited for the appointment but no interview occurred, and no one of Jessica’s staff called up to inform Ryosuke of the postponement. Jessica went out of her way to say sorry to Geogette and the Sentai actors who accepted the apology.

In fact, Ryosuke  of the “Maskman” movie fame said he will still visit the  Philippines as he had earlier planned. There was not a hint of any bitterness in his tone due to scrapped interview.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Current items: Some spectators at the set of the TV series “Ikaw Lamang” said that the closeness of Coco Martin and KC Concepcion seemed to have gone beyond the boundary of friendly relationship. Both laughed off the speculation, saying they’re still on the getting-to-know-you stage. Well, where does this leave Paulo Avelino who’s said to be an ardent suitor (or is it secret lover?) of KC? Is a rift between good pals Coco and Paulo looming, if ever?[/quote]