Marian Rivera
Marian Rivera

So it’s true: For the first time, Marian Rivera goes bold in her new movie, titled “My Lady Boss,” for Regal and Viva Films. She confirmed reports about her doing bold scenes in the movie in the presence of writers.

“Tama na muna ang pa-sweet, demure sa roles. I’d like to grow up as a performer, and that’s why I consented to do intimate love scenes with Richard (Gutierrez). But, of course, I’ve the permission of my BF (Dingdong Dantes). He’a a professional actor, level-headed, kaya naiintindihan niya ang situation ko.” Marian said.

Another new thing about Marian is her becoming a movie producer. “Yes,” she said when asked about her starrer with Ai-Ai  Delas Alas, who co-produces the project.

“Ai-Ai and I are both excited, have high hopes that this comedy-action flick will make it big at the box office, especially so because she’s an acknowledged Box Offfice Queen, too,” Marian said.

With her tag as “GMA-7 Primetime Queen,” it looks like another feather would be added this year to Marian’s cap for being a new “Box Office Queen.” Let’s see…[box type=”default” size=”large”] Derek better than Coco as action star? [/box]Expectedly, Coco Martin’s latest teleserye “Juan dela Cruz” is lording it over in TV viewership these days, beating the rival drama series of GMA-7 and TV5.

But objective watchers seem not fully convinced of Coco’s action skill. “Halatang may double in difficult action sequences,” some observers said.

In point of comparison, Derek Ramsay, who topbills the action-fantasy “Kidlat”  for TV5, has an edge over Coco, the same observers averred. They said Derek doesn’t use a double, and this proves to all and sundry his excellent capability as an action star.

It is no a surprise that “Kidlat” tops the rating chart among the shows of the Kapatid network.

Well, in fairness to Derek, a colleague recalled to me what Derek humbly said when queried about Coco.

Derek said, “When I was at the Kapamilya station, I’ve put Coco at a high level as a performer. I think he excels, too, as an action hero,  and I see this for myself in ‘Juan dela Cruz.’ I beg to disagree that I beat Coco. I’d rather comment we both have proven puede kami sa action genre.”

Blind Item: With a recent humiliating incident involving the movie press, this promising actress, star of a teleserye, got a dose of her own medicine. In a press conference hosted for her, she thought that lying could set her free. That was when she denied to a lady scribe that she had snubbed a bunch of reporters during her out-of-town performance.

But the reporters she referred to arrived unexpectedly, and they attested to the truth about the incident.

Feeling compunction but with no apology issue, the actress opted to excuse herself and stayed in the CR for quite a time. Reportedly, this prompted most of the reporters to walk out. Ah, she should realize the importance of a good rapport with media people, particularly to an upstart like her.

The actress must win them back. Or else, she would go nowhere. The writers may choose to avoid her.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Kris sent feeler to Mariel? [/box]Reportedly, upon hearing of the info that Mariel Rodriguez is jealous of her and not watching anymore the teleserye “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” Kris Aquino sent feeler to Mariel. The feeler stated that Mariel need not worry about a rekindling of the affair of herself and Robin Padilla, Mariel’s husband, due to their intimate scenes in the teleserye.

That could be true for in her recent show, Kris invited Mariel to be her guest. For Mariel to erase whatever insecurity she feels toward Kris? Is Robin laughing silently about this issue?[box type=”default” size=”large”] Christopher backs out of TV series [/box]To concentrate on his campaign for a seat in Congress in  Batangas, Christopher del Leon talked about the matter with the producer-director of “Pahiram ng Sandali,” a TV series. He said he is backing out of the series. Thus, the character he plays will prematurely die in the story.

At any rate, Boyet promises to accept roles even if he wins in the election, that is if time permits. At present, Boyet serves as senior provincial board member in Batangas.