Marian Rivera Acting Surly
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For sometime, negative news items about the off-camera actuations of Marian Rivera were reported. The ostensible truth, though, is that she has mellowed as a person.

In the past several days, movie scribes talk about claims that Marian is acting temperamentally anew. Could it be because her TV series “Amaya” leads in the TV rating chart? Reportedly, it’s being extended for a few more weeks, and this could be due to the teleserye’s huge viewership.

Allegedly, Marian manifested again her surly ways and waspish self during interviews with reporters. On this observation, a confidante said that perhaps Marian could be encountering personal difficulties. Her chum appeals for understanding of the woozy actuations of Marian.

Whatever is the reason, someone should instill in Marian’s mind that the best way to sustain a successful career and fame is to maintain proper conduct and to remain level-headed all the time.