Romatic Herbert Bautista and Kris Aquino
Photo: via PhilStar

Circulating these days are talks that allegedly Kris Aquino and her ex-boyfriend, QC Mayor Herbert Bautista, are in a romantic entanglement anew. This came about when the two were seen watching together the movie “Kasal.” This was followed by the unexpected appearance of Kris at the recent birthday bash of Herbert held in a restaurant.

Former classmates of Herbert claimed Kris was the reason he exuded glee and refreshing look that day. But Herbert retorted he has always been like that, and Kris just happens to be a close chum. There’s nothing more beyond that although he admitted Kris was an erstwhile sweetheart.

On the same issue, Kris said that the party’s venue was near the shooting location of “I Love you Hater,” her new film assignment. She said she opted to drop by without informing Herbert. But definitely, there is no romance between them.   Replying to a showbiz writer’s query if she would accept a movie offer teaming her with Herbert, Kris was quoted as saying, “Why not, if the script is nice and interesting. Despite our misunderstandings before, we’ve remained respectful to each other.”