KC Conception

It’s not surprising that KC Concepcion turned emotional upon reading an exchange of sweet messages between her parents, ex-couple Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. This came about when Gabby greeted Sharon on her 52nd birthday last Jan. 6 via Instagram. KC felt relieved that the criticisms by bashers about their misunderstanding would finally cease.

Months back, talks caused Gabby to reject an offer that he be reunited with Sharon in a movie to be produced by Star Cinema. Allegedly, a misunderstanding between them cropped up, adversely affecting KC. But now, everybody knows her parents are indeed in good terms.

Recently, KC told movie press people that Gabby did not accept the reteaming project because at that time he had just signed a contract with GMA-7. If a new film with Sharon is offered to him now, there would be no reason for him to turn it down. After all, Gabby is still very popular as shown by his top rated TV series, “Ika-Anim na Utos.” The same is true with Sharon. Her screen comeback “Unexpectedly Yours” was a blockbuster, proving to all and sundry they still have legions of fans and viewers.

Meanwhile, KC burst into giggles upon hearing the news that her mom was shocked her on seeing for the first time on Tweeter Account her (KC’s) daring photos in bikini. “Oh, yes, nagulat siya pero okay lang, not enraged as reported,” KC said.

Alden Richards reacts to accusation vs him, Maine

Finally, Alden Richards clarified an accusation thrown at him and Maine Mendoza. The accusation was about talks that their temporary split was due to his misdeed.

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Alden Richards

He said, “In the first place, I’ve done nothing wrong with Maine. Not seen together for weeks could be attributed to my vacation in Tokyo, and Maine’s trip to the U.S., with our respective family. In fact, we have agreed to be reunited in an action movie, one thing which Maine has not done before.”

An optimistic Alden predicts that 2018 will usher in bright days for him, what with his forthcoming new albums and scheduled concerts abroad.

Diego talks about Cesar, Sofia and nude video

Diego Loyzaga divulged he had no communication with his dad Cesar Montano for almost one year as he had harbored ill feelings towards him. However, before the Yuletide season, Cesar called up Diego. Despite his hostile stance, he apologized to Cesar.

Diego Loyzaga

“I realized he loves me so much, kahit may mga fault ako. Kaya last Christmas and New Year we had a wonderful bonding. We promise each other to communicate frequently,” Diego told my source. Regarding his rumored girlfriend Sofia Andres, he defended her from detractors who lambasted her sexy shots, saying there’s nothing wrong with a girl who displays her sexy figure. He also said that Sofia is a nice, decent person. On his viral nude video, Diego said that it was taken at an athletic exercise and unintentionally uploaded.

Blind item:

For several days, a veteran actress noticed how a young actress showed disrespect to her co-actors at the set of a film that was being shot. The old actress lost control of herself when the latter threw words contumely at the senior ones. “I reprimanded her. Sabi ko her bad manners would reflect on her parents, and that they didn’t teach her proper behavior,” she said.

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At least days after, the young actress mended her ways. What matters most is that she no longer annoys the entire cast.

Lolit says sorry to Lloydie, Ellen but…

Good chum Lolit Solis said sorry to John Lloyd Cruz for her news item on the wedding preparations. But she refused to retract it despite Lloydie’s rant about Lolit’s past error. “I understand him. Inunahan ko sila sa pag-report on it. But it’s part of my job and my source is reliable, especially both are popular so I wrote about it,” Lolit said.

Lolit says sorry to Lloydie, Ellen but

As I was writing this piece, Lloydie and his girlfriend and Lolit have not yet buried the hatchet, but Lolit she wishes them to be happy.

Latest tidbits:

Her hectic schedule as a mom to her child Thirdy, movie and TV commitments all the more inspire Jodi Sta Maria to be successful in her school comeback. She makes it to the Dean’s List of the Southville International School. Majoring in psychology, Jodi does not give up hope that she will become a doctor someday.

Transferring from GMA-7, Paulo Avelino and Aljur Abrenica are under the fold of ABS-CBN now, working together in a new series “Asintado.” The duo broke into laughter when they recalled a rumor during their Starstruck competition. Aljur won, and Paulo was a runner-up. Paulo didn’t dispute he appeared soft in look. Aljur was his close pal among the contestants.

The supposed showing of the multi-awarded film “Living Instead” in Canada this January has been postponed due to an altercation between its producer and a member of the cast. The director of the pic Beverly Vergel told me she has to break her silence on the matter because her name was dragged into the mess. She has consulted her lawyer on the proper move to do to clear her name.

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Although Ryza Cenon is now under Viva Artists and has received an offer from ABS-CBN, she still prioritizes her work at GMA-7. What’s more is that her top-rated TV series “Ika-Anim na Utos” has been extended. For the first time too, Ryza plays a lead role in a mainstream movie entitled “Mr. & Mrs. Cruz,” her best blessing this year.