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Is Mariel Rodriguez still jealous of hubby Robin Padilla’s ex-GF Kris Aquino? Mariel whined recently about this issue. “Before I used to watch his intimate scenes with actresses on TV. But now I’d rather change channel. Ano ito, parang buffet super share ako. I’ve had enough,” Mariel  said.

But some colleagues suspected that Mariel feels insecure because of Kris Aquino, Robin’s new leading lady in teleserye “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw.” Kris is a former GF of Robin. Reportedly, the two have sizzling love sequences in the series.

Mariel has admitted to my source that lately, she refused to ask Robin about the taping. “Pagod na nga, baka mainis pa sa akin kung mag-urirat ako sa mga eksena nila ni Kris. I rather keep quiet,” she said.

Ah, what a way to suffer in silence![box type=”default” size=”large”] Marian not Dingdong’s Valentine date [/box]A vocal Marian Rivera does not expect to have BF Dingdong Dantes as her Valentine date. On that day, she’ll still be out of town for the shooting of her movie, titled “My Lady Boss,” with Richard Gutierrez. Nevertheless, Dingdong has no bad feeling about it, being a professional actor.

By the way, Marian beamed when she was informed that her teleserye “Temptation of a Wife,” tops the TV rating chart, even beating a rival show of the Kapamilya station. No wonder, she’s called “Kapuso Primetime Queen.”

In passing, the new GMA 7 historical show “Indio,” headlined by Senator Bong Revilla, placed second in the viewership race. Supposedly, Sarah Labhati was in the cast. But she was replaced when she left for Switzerland.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Is Sarah pregnant? [/box]Poor, poor Sarah Labhati. Because of her feud with GMA-7 management and her sudden departure for Switzerland, she’s now the subject of rumors. The latest gossip implied that she left the country in an attempt to hide her pregnancy.

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Of course, Sarah’s BF Richard Gutierrez instantly defended her. “It’s unfair for Sarah. She has enrolled there to finish her studies, as her main concern is about her career. I’m 100% sure of that. I appeal to her detractors to stop maligning Sarah,”  Richard said.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Aga still in the running [/box]Chances are Aga Muhlach can still make  it as Camarines Sur congressional bet in the May elections. Despite the opposition to his throwing his hat in politics, recent developments seem to favor Aga. For one, the Court of Appeals issued a temporary restraining order (TRO) temporarily stopping a move to prevent Aga and wife Charlene Gonzales from casting their ballots in Camarines Sur. In effect, the TRO puts back the couple in the voters list at Precinct 10-A in the province.

Furthermore, the Commission on Elections confirmed that Aga is a natural born Filipino and can run in the election. There were claims that Aga is a Spanish citizen.

Blind item: Actress A who’s a versatile performer gets involved in imbroglio with her loved ones, people who are in and out of showbiz. Actress B, who is much younger, has the same problem. The two have something in common. Both feel no compunction over their grievous acts.

Many are of the opinion that their attitude problems have brought them down from the upper ladder of fame, losing movie projects here and there as their careers wane. Not a few said that drugs have beclouded their thinking. Allegedly, the two actresses have not stopped using prohibited drug users, much to the chagrin of their families.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Nora’s vow [/box]Would you believe that lately Nora Aunor promised to set aside her differences with former President Joseph Estrada? In fact, she is willing to campaign for Erap who is running for Manila mayor against incumbent Mayor Alfredo Lim.

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“That’s the only way to prove to Erap that I’ve completely forgotten my differences with him. I”m sincere in my move to renew my friendship with Erap,” Nora told showbiz reporters.