Isabelle Daza
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As I was writing this column, my friend, writer-lensman Noel Orsal, whispered to me that a gap still exists between former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz and her daughter-TV host Isabelle Daza. This came about when Gloria thumbed down Isabelle’s plan to do a sexy pictorial for a man’s magazine.

The alleged altercation was a mere misunderstanding, Noel told me. “Kaunting tampuhan lang ‘yun. Sabi nga ni Isabelle, eh, natural lang kahit sa sinong mag-ina.”

This writer recalled that though many had tried convinced Isabelle to join a beauty contest as she had a gorgeous, sexy looks, she refused. “I’m very proud of my mom’s world beauty title but beauty contest is no big deal for me,” Isabelle quipped.

By the way, we heard that Isabelle has inherited the acumen of her grandma Nora Daza in cooking. Nora used to be a famous book author and a TV host of a cooking show.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Latest reports: [/box]It’s nice to hear talks that the families of sisters Ara Mina and Cristine Reyes as well as their friends had persuaded Cristine to make peace with Ara. Cristine has set aside her pride and talked to Ara who, in turn, had softened up. Indeed, blood is thicker than water.

We also heard similar reports that the feud between Amalia Fuentes and Annabelle Rama my soon be resolved. Thanks to Annabelle’s hubby, Eddie Gutierrez, who’s Amalia’s long-time confidante, plus the prodding of their mutual advisers.

How true are reports that some religious organizations had sent to MTRCB (censors board) a letter asking it to direct ABS-CBN to tone down some scenes in the drama series “Walang Hanggan.” The scenes involve a priest and his ex-GF in the teleserye. Piolo Pascual plays the role of the priest. The religious groups find some of the sequences morally objectionable.