Coco Martin and Senator-elect Sonny Angara
Coco Martin and Senator-elect Sonny Angara

A colleague hush-hushed to me that Senator-elect Sonny Angara is  thankful  to Coco Martin whom he considers as a big factor in his landing on the top six in the senatorial race. Before the election, the surveys had it that Angara would win but he would land on the 10th to 12th places.

“With Coco’s joining me in the campaign trail in the remote provinces, alam kong malaki ang naitulong niya sa pagkapanalo ko at pagtaas ng aking ranking,” my source quoted Angara, a former congressman of Aurora Province, as saying. But he didn’t debunk nor confirm talks he had paid Coco a whooping amount of P35 million for the latter’s services.

Coco himself was evasive on the matter, simply grinning when asked by scribes how much he was paid for. Well, as the saying goes, if there’s smoke, there’s fire.

One movie reporter theorized, “with Coco’s hectic shooting schedules plus the risks involved, he wouldn’t do it for mere friendship with Angara.” Well said, indeed.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Macho actors play gay lovers [/box]

It’s just a job and no big deal for Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriquez. I’m referring to the acceptance by the two actors of an offer for them to play the roles of gay lovers in a forthcoming GMA-7 teleserye entitled “My Husband’s Lover.” Dennis said that Tom has been his friend for quite a time, and assured fans that both of them are straight guys. Dennis and Tom surmise the out-of-the-ordinary roles will further improve their acting skills.

Meanwhile, Tom said he will finish first all his remaining scenes in the Kapamilya TV series “Be Careful with My Heart.” He also said he had left ABS-CBN without any grudge or misunderstanding with the management.

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“My Husband’s Lover” marks Carla Abellana’s TV comeback after a hiatus. She plays the role of the wife of a bisexual, portrayed by Dennis who has an affair with an all-out gay portrayed by Tom.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Aga’s sad plight [/box]

My long-time friend Amalia Fuentes contacted me just to inform me that the Muhlachs can’t accept the defeat of Aga Muhlach in the congressional election in Bicol. She implied that Aga had been cheated.

“Willing si Aga na mag-concede if the election was clean and honest. How sad, Aga led all the way. Na-stop ang counting dahil nagka-problema and nang magbilangan uli, talo na siya ni Wimpy Fuentebella. Well, as noted, influential at powerful ang said political family,” Amalia sighed.

In passing, Amalia mentioned that she had lunch with balikbayan-chum ex-actress Jean Lapez. Jean told her that ex-actor Romano “Billy” Castelvi, her husband, had suffered a stroke and is still recuperating. The couple lived in Toronto, Canada for years. One of their daughters used to be a Canadian broadcaster.

On her showbiz comeback, Amalia admits that the three top TV networks did vie for her service. But she found the ABS-CBN TV series, “Muling Buksan ang Puso,” too tempting to resist. And also, it reteams her with Susan Roces.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Blind Item: [/box]

Since her crash in showbiz, not a few have projected a hussy image of this young celebrity who has a gender problem. She had altered her hair and dressing styles in an unfeminine way, and this made many believe that she’s indeed a tomboy.

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But now, rumors soar high that she eloped and living in with a sexy finalist in a TV reality show. Both the celeb’s family and the girl’s camp choose to be silent on the matter. This somehow lends veracity to the talks.