Charice Pempengco vs Jessica Sanchez

It looks like there’s a brewing feud between the diehard fans of Charice and A m e r i c a n Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez. It came as an aftermath of the criticisms hurled by Charice’s American manager on Filipinos. The manager said Jessica Sanchez shouldn’t be treated as Pinoy pride because she’s an American.

But the Pinoys countered. One fan said, “Charice’ manager has no right to say that because she (manager) is unaware of our culture. We consider a half-bred guy as our kababayan, especially if she or he is proud of being a half-Pinoy. Probably, she uttered those words because of insecurity, that in due time, Jessica would outshine Charice not only in the Philippines and US but also worldwide.”

If the feud gets worst, partly to be blamed is the manager, some fans said. In fairness to both Charice and Jessica, both singers speak highly of each other without mendaciousness.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Dingdong show with Robin’s daughter shelved [/box]So it’s true that the planned teleserye of D i n g d o n g Dantes and Robin Padilla’s daughter Kylie entitled “Haram” has been shelved.

Talks had it that Robin nixed the project because the theme revolves around a Muslim girl, played by Kylie, falling in love with Dingdong, who is a Christian soldier in the story.

But Kyle denied the claim against her dad. She admitted that Robin had read the script and found nothing wrong in so far as Islam is concerned.

“Perhaps, GMA 7 has other reasons why it didn’t push through with the project. Wala naman nilang ibintang sa tatay ko. For one, he’s very supportive of my acting career,” Kyle told some media people.

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As of last week, there was no official words yet from the Kapuso on the final fate of the project.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Ai-Ai replaces Kris [/box]In the last minute, Kris Aquino did back out of the Metro Manila Film Festival’s Star Cinema entry, “Sisterara.” Ai-Ai delas Alas has replaced Kris, and this finally pairs her with Vice Ganda.

Remember Ai-Ai and Vice Ganda have been feuding for some time for unknown reason?

Their team-up may yet put to rest claims that the two are still at loggerheads. Many showbiz guys expected Ai-Ai to reject the offer – that is if she hasn’t yet forgotten her rift with Vice Ganda. As Ai-Ai’s chum said, “Ai-Ai has realized that Vice Ganda has already changed for the better, kaya pinatawad na niya ang atraso sa kanya.”

Just asking, would “Sisterara” be the top grosser at the filmfest?[box type=”default” size=”large”] Lani all praise for Jodi [/box]Bacoor City Congresswoman Lani Mercado seems all agog over the way things have been shaping up for her son Jolo Revilla who has already decided to run for vice governor of Cavite. Jolo has assured his mom that he won’t let his family down.

“Malaki ang tiwala ko kay Jolo that he won’t ruin our family’s reputation as public servant. As barangay chairman, he has proven his worth as a public servant to his constituents. I know he’ll do much better in a higher position,” Lani said.

On Jolo’s rumored GF, Jodi Sta. Maria, Lani has nice words for her. In spite of Jodi’s failure in her first marriage, Lani finds her a loving, sensible and unpretentious person who carries herself well.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Tidbits: [/box]Would you believe, Katrina Halili has chosen three controversial actresses to be the ninangs of her baby Katrence who will be baptized soon? They’re Marian Rivera, Jennylyn Mercado and Cristine Reyes. So, Katrina and Marian are really in good terms now.

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