Superstar Nora Aunor

Now that Nora Aunor is facing the klieg lights again in the Philippines by way of “El Presidente” (General Emilio Aguinaldo Story) which topbills Laguna Governor ER Ejercito, a query pops up. Can Nora regain her box-office appeal?

For many years, the superstar has been inactive. During the interregnum, many young stars have taken her place.
Movie analysts predict that Nora’s comeback flick would get fair response from local audiences, noting that historical films had never emerged blockbusters in the past. But they surmised that Nora’s second starrer, a “Mano Po” sequel (Hototay), which is intended for the Metro Manila film festival in December, will be a moneymaker. The previous “Mano Po” series were all box-office hits. Besides, producer Lily Monteverde has a magic touch to make come-backing stars shine brightly again.

Incidentally, did the ordinary workers in showbiz forget the alleged damage done to them by Nora? In the not-so-distant past, it was bruited around that due to her feud with Joseph Estrada, the MOWELFUND (showbiz’s equivalent of SSS), which was founded by Erap, suffered.

Talks had it that Nora influenced  her ally, then President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, to cut the government’s financial aid to the MOWELFUND from 30 percent to 10 percent, thus adversely affecting the ordinary workers in the industry.

Ah, Nora would not have been chosen by CNN as “Asian Actress of the Decades” for nothing. She has an inherent charisma for endearing people to her. Besides, Pinoys are noted as forgiving people.


[box type=”default” size=”medium”] Blind item: An informant hush-hushed to us that a popular actress seems so unlucky these days not only in her career but also in her private life. Allegedly, she indulges in vices that have made her financially wrecked. My spy said, “Dati na niyang naisangla ang cozy digs niya, and now, she’s selling it for P50 million.”

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I heard too that the actress has a misunderstanding with her kids. That’s the reason her children are staying with the actress’s siblings. Her intimates though hope that she will soon recover from her ups and downs. A talented actress, she deserves a second chance [/box]