Billy Crawford - Nikki Gil
Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil

Two lovebirds also said to be on the brink of separation (or have they parted ways?) are Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil. But Billy defends Nikki from allegations that she has got tired of living in with him.

“In the first place, never kaming nag-live in ni Nikki. Despite her being a liberated woman, she abhors such arrangement. She’s so likeable and loving. No reason why we should break up,” Billy was quoted as saying.

Billy is set to leave for Europe to regain his popularity over there. Remember few years back. Billy’s albums made it to the top in the music charts with his picture landing on the covers of various magazines, particularly those in Paris.

At that time, a top French songstress was even romantically linked with Billy. He also had a leading role in a foreign film.

Hope Billy does it again in his second stint in Europe.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Blind Item [/box]This sexy, young actress has that hussy, femme fatale tag. But when a scandal hit her, she was relegated to the background, career-wise. The ugly incident compelled her to shy away from the limelight.

Nowadays, many surmise that the actress has changed for the better. She doesn’t hide the fact she’s all aglow because she’s pregnant. And that her current BF from showbiz truly loves her and has offered her marriage. However, tongues wag, triggering calumny about her, and this has put down the actress.

Words run fast that the lover doesn’t care about the actress. He allegedly wants the actress to take a DNA test as he suspects he’s not the father of the tot in her womb. Informed of her lover’s suspicion, the actress broke down.

Latest reports had it, though, that the guy has defended her from the allegations. He professed that he loves the actress and he has never doubted that he’s the dad of the still unborn baby.


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