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Just like her mom Sharon Cuneta, KC Concepcion is irked by people bashing her in Twitter and Instagram. But KC heeds her mom’s advice to keep her cool. The bashing is an aftermath of KC’s being linked to NBA player Chandler Parsons who reportedly has already a GF.

“They make me appear ill-repute, flirt. Sadyang nakakabastos sa pagka-babae ko. Eh, mere friend lang si Chandler, and we had a group date once only. The bashers exaggerated it. Both Chandler and I never said we’re on dahil wala namang talaga,” my colleague quoted KC as saying.

KC admitted that since 2011 she has never been in a serious love relationship. Piolo Pascual was her last lover. And contrary to what some people are saying, they’re not back-biting each other.

In the wake of kudos showered on KC for her splendid acting in the recent TV series “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala,” a new teleserye and a movie project for her will start before the year ends, my source said. [box type=”default” size=”large”] Marian, Rhian quarreled over Dingdong? [/box]Since the taping of the GMA-7 sci-fi drama series “Genesis” started, talks have it that Marian Rivera is at odds with Rhian Ramos who is the leading lady of Dingdong Dantes, Marian’s long-time lover. Allegedly, the two snub each other and say bad words in their back.

Well, the “quarrel” ended during the recent baptism of the child of the Kapuso reporter Aubrey Caramel . As both “ninangs” of the baby, Marian and Rhian were seen hugging each other and exchanging pleasantries at the reception.

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As Rhian later said a scribe, “I’ve worked with Dingdong several times. He’s just a helpful chum to me as ever. And Marian knows that kaya walang away sa pagitan namin. Perhaps it’s because she’s not a friend but a mere acquaintance. We’ve respective set of friends. Pero niri-respeto namin ang isa’t’isa.”

Blind Item: Long-time friends of a famous actor-politician from the media were disheartened by his recent move: He did back out of all his supposed showbiz works, be it on TV or movie. Then he, in a genteel way, distances himself from them. Before, he would go out of his way and take efforts to please or extend assistance to them.

These media people sympathize with him as he struggles with a tussle that befalls him. Wooly accusations were hurled at him lately. This seems to have caused him an emotional problem. His media friend are hopeful the actor-politician will eventually come back strong and disprove the serious allegations.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Eugene repeats Nora’s feats [/box]After her best actress award for her role in “Babae sa Septic Tank” at the Asian Film Festival, Eugene Domingo won the Best Actress trophy anew at the recent Tokyo International Film Festival for her role in “The Barber’s Tales.” Eugene duplicates Nora Aunor’s feats, and she is the second Pinay actress to receive such international recognition.

Under the direction of Jun Lana, Eugene’s pictures revolves around a widow’s plight who takes her husband’s job as a barber during the martial-law years in the Philippines. Eugene beat the lead actresses in US entry’s “Drinking Buddies”, Iceland’s “Horses & Men” which won the Best Director award for Ben Erlingsson, Sweden’s “We Are the Best” which got the Best Film award and other entries from Europe, Asia and Latin America.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Phillip more affected than Angel Locsin [/box]Finally, Angel Locsin and Phillip Younghusband have declared the truth about their breakup that took place after more than a year of serious relationships. A cool, calm and collected Angel broke her silence, saying she has not felt any bitterness and has maintained a cordial friendship with Phillip. The breakup was a mutual decision.

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However, a colleague related to me that Phillip has squashed himself on the issue. He was visibly emotional and on the brink of tears although he had expressed nothing but good words for Angel. My informant, judging from the duo’s reactions, opined that the move to call it quits might have come from Angel. Anyway, their chums yearn for the reconciliation of Angel and Phillip.

Current Items: Assistant Prosecutor Meynardo Bautista of the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office dismissed a grave-coercion case filed by actress Sarah Labhati against GMA-7 executive Atty. Annette Abrogar for lack of merit and insufficiency of evidence. This was brought about by the a breach-of-contract case filed against Sarah by Abrogar.

Richard Gutierrez who’s on semi-retirement as actor-host at GMA-7 is reportedly in Australia to be with Sarah and their baby. Oh yes, talks that she gave birth to a baby by Richard still were circulating in showbiz circles.

Pinoy rocker Rico Blanco represents the Philippines in the Singapore’s Sundance Festival 2013 set on Nov. 16. It’s a Rock Music, Alternative competition which is held yearly. Rico is going to Singapore together with the Rock Steady Band.

It’s now definite: The US via Universal Pictures will remake the Pinoy film “On the Job” (starring Piolo Pascual and Gerald Anderson). Hollywood director Battasar Kormkakur will direct it with actor Mark Walhberg of “Cotraband” and “Transformers” in the lead. Scott Stuber is co-producer of the movie.