Amalia Fuentes
Image source: Internet

An obvious fan of former movie queen Amalia Fuentes surmised that Annabelle Rama is seemingly using her last card, her daughter Ruffa Gutierrez, in her feud against Amalia.

Ruffa’s TV statement loaded with pernicious accusations against Amalia was not convincing enough.

Amalia countered, “Prangka akong tao. Kung totoo ang mga sinabi ni Ruffa, aaminin ko. But it’s fabricated.”

Not a few showbiz people doubt the claim that Annabelle had instructed Ruffa to utter the accusation against Amalia. Showbiz friends of the two said that Eddie Gutierrez is capable of convincing his wife Annabelle and his long-time close friend Amalia to bury the hatchet once and for all.

Let’s hope that Eddie would intervene to end the feud.