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The top love team of ABS-CBN and Star Cinema is the young tandem of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. However, it is predicted that two new love pairs of the same network will reach soon a popularity level same as that of Daniel and Kathryn.

The prediction came after the huge success of Enrique Gil-Liza Soberano’s TV series “Forevermore” and their recent movie starrer. The James Reid-Nadine Lustre’s TV teleserye “On the Wings of Love” has also reaped big success.

In recent talks with movie writers and other people in the know, this writer queried my colleagues on who is the possible pair that has the potential to clobber the popularity and box office appeal of the Daniel-Kathryn team.

Some said that Enrique and Liza have the “kilig factor” as evident by the response of the public to their personal appearances not only in the Philippines but also in Filipino communities worldwide.

James and Nadine have the ‘it’ or “pang-masa” asset, and Nadine’s facial feature and simple deportment resemble those of Kathryn. Most of my writer-colleagues said they’re about to reach the top step of the fame ladder.

It was reported that Daniel and Kathryn felt the threat posed by the new love pairs, and this makes them insecure. Is this true?

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Al-Dub’s sudden fame amazes GMA-7 [/box]

GMA-7 network has unintentionally created a stir in the team-up at the “Eat Bulaga” noontime show of Alden Richards and tyro Maine Mendoza, better known as “Yaya Dub” in its street episodes. Tape Inc., producer of the show, confirmed that for the first time the TV ratings of Eat Bulaga garnered 20%-28% viewership with the inclusion of Al-Dub in the script.

The comical romance of Alden and Maine caused an uproar in the Philippines and abroad due to their photos that went viral in the internet. Truth to tell, GMA-7 bigwigs and Alden’s manager have decided not to pair Alden with another actress in his forthcoming films and boob tube programs. A movie project for them looms in the offing, and this attests to their instant fame.

In an interview, Alden said that despite Maine or Yaya Dub’s penchant for making faces, she’s very pretty in person. “She truly attracts me but it’s too premature to say if I’ll fall in love with her. It remains to be seen. After all, at the moment I’m loveless.”

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Robin and Mariel expected a triplet [/box]

After his wife Mariel Rodriguez’s miscarriage of a triplet early this year, Robin Padilla said the unfortunate event is the reason why he had backed out of a supposedly Metro Manila Film Festival starrer, “Nilalang,” in which he would have played a role opposite sexy Japanese actress Maria Ozawa.

“Mariel needs a thorough bed rest, and I must be always at her bedside to  support her. I can’t waste my time on other things. She’s my priority,” Robin told some writers.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Be considerate with mom, KC pleads to bashers [/box]

Sharon Cuneta and her daughter KC Concepcion have always been the target of bashers. And they just ignored the criticisms. This time, however, KC pleads to the bashers to give consideration to Sharon, who was hospitalized due to excessive coughing.

“Please spare my mom of any intrigues for she needs sympathy in her plight now. She shouldn’t be depressed. Hopefully, she’ll get well soon,” KC said.

Recently, Sharon was able to sing at two occasions after taking medicines prescribed for her by her physician.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Spicy items: [/box]

Japanese actress Maria Ozawa called Robin Padilla “unprofessional” after he withdrew a film with her titled “Nilalang” which was intended as an entry in the Metro Manila Film Festival in December. “He announced it (his withdrawal from the film) a week before our shooting would start. He didn’t bother to care about what the people behind the movie feel. At least, Robin should have announced  it a month or so ago,” Maria wrote in her Instagram.

Five years after Derek Ramsay left ABS-CBN for TV-5, he set foot anew on the ABS-CBN compound. Derek has ironed kinks in his relationship the Kapamilya bigwigs who hired him to banner a Star Cinema movie, “Ex With Benefits,” opposite Coleen Garcia.

“I wouldn’t be where I am now without ABS-CBN. I’m glad I’ve been accepted back. Honestly, my respect for the bigwigs has never left me,” said Derek who is mum who the question of whether or not he is leaving TV-5 for good.

It looks like the rift between Marian Rivera and Heart Evangelista is not yet settled. Heart had earlier thrown nasty words at Marian’s fanatics who bashed her. Reacting to it, Marian commented, “Let it be. We’re no longer young to make things worse. I’d like to behave properly.”

Blind item: Words are going around the bush that a lovely actress and her partner in a new TV series have had romantic moments off camera at the set. Co-workers  smell a more than friendly relationship. Is it the reason why the actress’s BF, who is also an actor, has resorted to a drinking spree? He might have the inkling of losing her soon.