OUTPATIENT PROGRAM. World Medical Relief (WMR) President and CEO George V. Samson (2nd from left) shakes hand with Dr. Gilbert Roc, president-elect of the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan (PMAM), shortly after they discussed WMR’s outpatient program which will be launched next year. The meeting was held last Aug. 8 in WMR’s building in Southfield. Also in photo are Doctors Ruby Roc (left), Liberata Pantig and Moises Alviar (right).

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Program will be implemented in collaboration with PMAM [/box]

World Medical Relief (WMR) will expand its local outreach program next year to include an outpatient clinic that will benefit people without insurance and those who are paying high co-pays.

WMR President and CEO George Samson said the outpatient clinic will be operated in collaboration with the Philippine Medical Association of Michigan (PMAM).

Samson met recently with some PMAM officers led by president-elect Dr. Gilbert Roc and discussed how the outpatient program will be implemented with the help of PMAM members.

Doctor Roc, who will lead the next set of PMAM officers, pledged support for the program, saying volunteer Filipino doctors will man the clinic.

Samson said the clinic will be located in the west wing of WMR’s spacious building in Southfield. It could replace the Health and Wellness Fair which is jointly hosted every year by PMAM and the Philippine American Cultural Center (PACCM).

PMAM had earlier noted that less and less patients were benefiting from the annual Health and Wellness Fair. In the last two years, the number of patients  reduced significantly.

WMR’s outpatient clinic, Samson said, will be a much better outreach program because the services will be made available on a regular basis. He said this will be a great help to the public, noting news reports that people with Affordable Act (Obamacare) insurance will be paying higher co-pays next year.

The patients to be treated at the clinic will also be provided by WMR with cheap medicines, he said.
Samson added that WMR is also looking into the possibility of operating a dental clinic as part of its local outreach program. He observed the high cost of dental service in Michigan.

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Meanwhile, Samson reported that WMR’s pacemaker laboratory at its new building is now operating with the help of doctors and technicians from universities in Michigan.

He said the laboratory will produce at least 50,000 reconditioned pacemakers every year. With this program, WMR will be able to save thousands of lives, he said, noting findings of a worldwide survey that 2.2 million people die every year due to the lack of pacemakers.