Dr. David and Loida Moses

The Ambassador Magazine, in its 5th anniversary edition, featured the 2011 Hot Docs, Metro Detroit’s Finest Physicians.

It’s something different, Dr. Moses says of his experience

This annual Hot Docs feature honors distinguished Metro Detroit doctors rendering service beyond the call of duty.

The doctors featured were operating free clinics, securing free medications and conducting medical missions in the Third world.

What caught Filipino-Americans’ attention was one of the featured physicians, Dr. David Moses, who participated in a recent medical mission in the Philippines.

Moses is a maternal and fetal medicine physician in the Oakwood Healthcare System. It’s no wonder he joined the mission in the
Philippines because he is married to Loida Moses, a Filipina.

Following is a reprint of the article published in the Ambassador Magazine.

“Oakwood Healthcare System Dr. David Moses, MD, FACOG (Fellow of American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists) shares his maternal and fetal medicine expertise in the world. Last January, Moses visited Butuan City, Mindanao, in the Philippines with the Philippine American Medical Mission Foundation of Michigan. The five day mission resulted in 116 major and 163 minor procedures performed on underprivileged patients.

“I’ve gone on some of these missions before,” Moses said. “I think physicians in general have an opportunity. They have to think in terms of donating their time in order to help underprivileged people.”

“’The surgical and medical mission brought together physicians of many different cultures, and this resulted in a rich and interesting experience,’ Moses said.

“Moses’s charity work during the mission included performing hysterectomies and other gynecology-related surgeries. In return, Moses left with a strong impression of how privileged the American population is to have access to higher quality medical care.

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“’In the Philippines, it’s something very different from we experience here,’ he said. ‘Everything is so clean and sterile here, and there it’s common for three people to share the same operating room at the same time.

“The mission may be over; however, Moses is continually providing medical care around the world.

He encourages local pharmacies and hospitals to donate products and equipment.

He also said that if other physicians were to follow suit, disadvantaged communities in need of medical care might one day find hope of meeting a surgeon.”

We salute Dr David Moses on his contributions and services during his mission to poor Filipinos in the home country.