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Relief is desperately needed for Robert, husband of nurse Lulu Martinez-Rodriguez.

Robert, 58 years old, has been confined in a Skilled Nursing facility for more than seven months now since he suffered a massive stroke. Bed-bound, he needs 24-hour bedside care.

His application for Medicare and Medicaid benefits was unfortunately denied, and because of this, the only alternative left is to bring him home to the Philippines. While he is in the Philippines, Lulu will continue to provide monetary support as she works as nurse here in Michigan.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Groups raising funds for his special transport needs [/box]With the help of kind hearts, Robert can go back to Bacolod City, where his family will take care of him.

To enable him to enplane home, Robert needs special medical transport as he is unable to sit up by himself.

Robert cries everyday, hoping he can go back home. He feels he is a heavy burden to Lulu who has to work full-time to enable her to pay for the insurance coverage for his medical expenses. At the same time, Lulu has to take care of him in the hospital.

A sister of Toni Martinez and Annabelle Martinez-Cudilla, Lulu has, indeed, a heavy cross to carry.

Four major Filipino-American groups are helping her to raise funds for the special transport need of Robert.

The groups – Kahirup, Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Michigan (PCCM), NANAY and the Filipino-American Community Council (FILAMCCO) – have issued a joint appeal to generous people to extend a helping hand to Robert.

They appeal: “Let us make Robert’s Christmas wish come true.”

Kind-hearted people who want to donate funds for Robert’s transport expenses may contact any one of the following:

Tony Lim, Kahirup president — [email protected], tel. 248-761-2714; Betsy Henry, PCCM president — [email protected], tel. 248-770-3422; Becky Tungol, NANAY–Michigan president — [email protected], tel. 248-755-6119; and Ryan Rosario, FILAMCCO president —  [email protected], tel. 586-808-4568.