Image source: Photo by: Richard Talaban
Image source: Photo by: Richard Talaban

With the show some two months away, the groups that will perform in this year’s staging of the “Splendor of the East” (SOE) are already in the thick of rehearsals.

The yearly show, a flagship fund-raising project of the Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA), will be held in the evening of May 11, 2013 in the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center at 15801 Michigan Ave., Dearborn.

CAPA President Robert Riparip said that SOE 2013, subtitled “Crossroads: Cultural Influences,” will showcase the convergence of different eastern cultures.

Riparip said that this year’s SOE is expected to be colorful and spectacular as the dances will portray “an extraordinary melding of traditional and contemporary arrangements that will allow transformation of intriguing cultural influences and history on stage.”

He added, “the evolution continues to promote friendship and build bridges, and we can look back in time and learn that today we can sing one song and touch the world.”

At least 10 groups of dancers will be performing in SOE 2013. The groups are headed by professional choreographers who are noted for their creative talent, imaginative prowess and terpsichorean skills.

Riparip said that the groups are from the various Asian communities in Michigan, noting that they are now regularly conducting the rehearsals.

He also said SOE 2013 will mark the celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The CAPA president announced that tickets to the show are now on sale. Ticket prices are: VIP package, $100; and general admission, $20 and $30.

For ticket reservations, interested individuals or parties are asked to visit the CAPA website, For details, they may also call or email any one of the following: Robert Riparip, 248-854-7446, email [email protected]; Becky Tungol, 248-755-6119, email [email protected]; and Toni Martinez, 810-877-1029, email [email protected]