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[box type=”default” size=”large”] Production is the fruit of three-year collaborative work [/box]Splendor of the East 2014 (SOE) will be different from past presentations in that there will be dance-and-song numbers combining cultures of countries in the east.

SOE 2014, a flagship project of the Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA), will be staged in the evening of May 17, 2014 at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn.

SOE 2014 will be a melding of Asian cultures and traditions. CAPA President Robert D. Riparip said the cultural blending plus western influences is now emerging as the dominant culture of Asian Americans in their adopted country, the United States of America.

Toni Martinez, production manager, said that this year’s edition of SOE is intended “to open our hearts to all cultures” and allow  Asian Americans to better appreciate cultural diversity.

Martinez said, SOE 2014 “is a journey to experience with fascinating world beats from faraway places such as China, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Polynesia and Taiwan.”

Subtitled “Part III: Crossroads-Time Travel,” SOE 2014 is expected to be as grand and spectacular as the past editions of the show that features the diverse cultures of Asia.

The dance numbers with cross-cultural elements are made possible by the collaboration of the choreographers, most of them originally from Asia, Martinez said.

Seen from another perspective, this year’s SOE is a summary of the hard work of the performers and choreographers working as one team. The production comes as fruits of the three-year collaborative work of the choreographers and dancers.

The lead choreographers are Sun Mi, who hails from Korea, and Annabelle Martinez-Cudilla, who is from the Philippines.

The guest performer at this year’s SOE is soloist Rose Martinez who lives in Los Angeles, California. Rose, mother of dancer Martinez who presented a spectacular aerial dance in last year’s SOE, will present an ancient hula dance called “Khaliko” and a collaborative Japanese-Hawaiian dance.

Meanwhile, Riparip announced that tickets to SOE 2014 are now on sale. Ticket prices are: VIP package, $100; and general admission, $20 and $30.

For ticket reservations, interested individuals or parties are asked to visit the CAPA website, For details, they may also call or email any one of the following: Robert Riparip, 248-854-7446, email [email protected]; Becky Tungol, 248-755-6119, email [email protected]; and Toni Martinez, 810-877-1029, email [email protected]