Paaralang PilipinoThe 2012-2013 school year at Paaralang Pilipino will have a dual approach to teaching Filipino-American students, it was announced.

It was also announced that Paaralang Pilipino classes will begin on Sunday, Sept. 9, at 2 p.m. and henceforth will be held on Sundays in the period between September 2012 and April 2013.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Children, parents invited to attend Open House on Aug. 26 [/box]Becky Tungol, Paaralang Pilipino executive director, said the dual approach will feature classes and activities that will focus on basic elements of the Filipino language as well as on important events in Philippine history that are similar to events commemorated in the United States.

This year, Filipino heroes and Presidents will be introduced in the weeks when the Martin Luther King’s Day and Presidents’ Day are observed.

The new program will also include observance of Philippine traditions during Christmas and Easter. These will be highlighted by parol- and polvoron-making during Christmas and doing “palaspas” art during Easter.

The outdoor activities in spring will include planting of Philippine ornamental plants around the PACCM building and a visit to the Anna S. Whitcomb Conservatory in Belle Isle. This will give the children a chance to see tropical plants found in the Philippines.

Although Paaralang Pilipino usually holds classes on basic Philippine language, history, dance and music for kids with ages 6-12 and beginning Tagalog lessons for students who are 13 years old and older, a special class known as FYI (Filipino Youth initiative) will be introduced as an intergenerational process for young adults and adults.

Now in its seventh year, FYI allows participants 13 years old and older to explore their Filipino ancestry and native traditions as well as the impact of an evolving Filipino American history and culture on their families and lives.

The class will be conducted by volunteers from the University of Michigan and members of the Filipino American National Historical Society of Michigan.

The enrolment requirements include a membership fee (tuition if applicable) and a materials fee.

Children ages 6-12 who are currently registered members are enrolled free of charge. They are asked top pay only a $10 materials fee per student.

No enrolment fee is collected from FYI students of any age, but they are also asked to pay $10 as materials fee.

Adult Tagalog students pay tuition in addition to membership and materials fees.

Interested children and adults are invited to attend an “Open House” for Paaralang Pilipino, which will be held on Sunday, August 26, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

The school’s volunteer teachers and support staff will be on hand to answer questions. Refreshments will be served.

Registration by mail or e-mail ([email protected]) is accepted.

Paaralang Pilipino is located in the Philippine American Community Center at 17356 Northland Court Park Drive, Southfield (between Greenfield and Southfield Rd., just north of Eight Mile Rd.)