Araw ng PagtataposPaaralang Pilipino will hold its “Araw ng Pagtatapos” at 3-5 p.m. on May 5, 2013 at the Philippine American Community Council of Michigan (PACCM) in Southfield.

Tess Tchou, assistant executive director of Paaralang Pilipino, said certificates of course completion will be awarded to the students.

Paaralang Pilipino, a flagship program of PACCM, teaches, among others, Filipino language, Philippine history, cultures and traditions to the students, who are mostly second-generation Filipino Americans. It also has adult American students.

Tchou said that the “Araw ng Pagtatapos” program will feature a skit to be presented by members of the “Beginning Tagalog” adult class. Members of the Filipino Youth Initiative (FYI) class and the 9-12 year-old class will perform a contemporary “tinikling” number.

An explorer team composed of students belonging to the 6-8 year old and 9-12 year-old classes will present an adventure on video based on the legend of the Yamashita treasure.

Becky Tungol, PACCM president and Paaralan Pilipino executive director, will welcome the parents and the guests and talk briefly about the Paaralan Pilipino history. She will also appeal to members of the community to continuously support Paaralan and cite the school’s important mission of letting the Filipino-American children know their roots.