Lanzanas and Suan
Lanzanas and Suan

Community leader Rene Lanzanas was appointed chairman of a committee tasked to make preparations for the celebration of Rizal Day 2014, it was announced.

Certified Public Accountant Wilmar Suan was appointed co-chairman of the committee.

The annual celebration of Rizal Day in Michigan is a flagship project of the Filipino American Community Council (FILAMCCO). This year’s celebration will be held in the evening of December 27 at the prestigious Cobo Hall in downtown Detroit.

FILAMCCO President Imelda Martin-Hum said Lanzanas was named chairman of the overall Rizal Day committee by the FILAMCCO executive officers who noted his experience and accomplishments as a community leader.

Lanzanas, who is a member of FILAMCCO’s board of directors, is the outgoing president of the Kapatiran sa Michigan, which is noted for its charitable projects benefitting the less fortunate in the Philippines.

He facilitated the holding of the sports events during the Kalayaan Picnic this year and last year. He was one of the seven 2013 Presidential Awardees who were recognized for outstanding leadership and service in the Michigan Filipino-American community during the Rizal Day event held in December last at MGM Grand Detroit.

As president of Kapatiran sa Michigan, he was instrumental in organizing a concert that raised funds for typhoon Haiyan victims as well as other benefit concerts whose proceeds were used to bankroll Kapatiran’s first medical mission in the Philippines.

Kapatiran, in cooperation with the Filipino American Fellowship of  Zion Christian Church in Troy and the Lord’s Vineyard Fellowship in Davao City, conducted last July a successful medical-dental mission.

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Lanzanas has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Ateneo de Davao University. He is at present working as a therapeutic account specialist for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.  I have been working at Pfizer for a total of 19 years. He had worked for Pfizer Philippines from 1995 to 2004 and for Pfizer US for 10 years from 2004 up to the present.

His family hails from Davao City, but he was born in Butuan City. He immigrated to the U.S. in June 2004 together with his wife Novella and son Miguel who is now 14 years old and a 9th grader at the International Academy in Troy.

The couple’s daughter, Lana, was born here in the U.S. and turned six years old last Oct. 21.  Lana is a 1st grader at Hill Elementary School in Troy.

The committee’s co-chairman, Wilmar Suan, is the incumbent auditor of FILAMCCO. He is the president of the Suan, Glynn and Company PC, an accounting firm. Married to an Ilocana from Ilocos Sur, Suan hails from Allen, Northern Samar.