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“A copy of the financial statement of KKPM (Kapulungan ng mga Katolikong Pilipino sa Michigan) is available to anyone who wants to look into the finances of our organization,” KKPM President Billie G. Belen said.

She was reacting to rumors that some officers had embezzled the funds of KKPM.

Belen said, “These people (spreading the rumors) had nothing better to do, and we are not happy to hear such rumors and need to address them.

“Tess Pascua is our treasurer, and anyone can email me to ask for a copy of our profit-and-loss statement. I will address this issue during our council meeting.”

She said, “Our collections for the monthly Masses are not even enough to cover our expenses such as the rent for the St. Rene Goupil church, stipends of priests, allowance for the person doing the maintenance and cleaning, kitchen items and garbage bags.” Belen also said that the money for the printing of 130 copies of the program (back and front) “is my donation, and I do not ask for reimbursement.”

She added, “The collections are in single bills, meaning people attending the mass are giving a dollar or two as their donation. We give small amount as gas money to the musical director for his time and effort.”