Anna Cho
Anna Cho

[box type=”default” size=”large”] ‘The entire experience was like a dream’ [/box]

[quote style=”boxed” ]Question: You’re from Cebu. Where in Cebu? Did you study in Cebu? If so, in what school?[/quote]

Answer:  Yes, I am from the city of Tuburan. I completed 1st grade at Tuburan elementary school and completed the rest of my schooling in Manila.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: Who are your parents? What are their professions? Are they here in the US or in Cebu? Do you have siblings? If you have, what are their names and ages?[/quote]

A: I am the daughter of Leoniticia Melgarejo and Ramiro Francisco Melgarejo. My mother currently works as a secretary at the district government office of Antipolo City. I am honestly not sure what my father does for a living; he has been absent for the majority of my life. Both of my parents are currently living in Manila.

I have six siblings; two younger sisters and four younger brothers.

My eldest sister’s name is Michell and she is 23. Next, there is my sister Nawco who is 22. Then there is Mark who is 21, and Ronel who is 20. Finally, there’s Mel who is 18 and Chris who is 17.   

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: You mentioned your grandma in the interview portion. What’s her name and how old is she? In what way did she inspire you?[/quote]

A: My grandmother’s name is Ramona Traya Guarin and if she were alive today she would be 73. My grandmother has inspired me my entire life through her kind nature and admirable work ethic.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: You’re only 29 years old. How old were you when you went to South Korea to teach? Did you teach high school students or grade pupils? What English subject did you teach? Is it grammar or literature?[/quote]

A: I began teaching in South Korea at age 19. Throughout my 10 years of combined teaching, I taught kids as in kindergarten up to 6th grade. The English subject I taught was English Literature. I also taught Korean language and art. 

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: What was the question you were asked during the interview portion? And what was your answer?[/quote]

A:  The question I was asked by one of the judges was “who is the person that you admire most, and why?” My answer: “My late grandmother Ramona Traya Gaurin; my grandmother is exactly what I want to be in the future — kind, compassionate and the true epitome of a Christian mother. She is an inspiration and a blessing to me and to all who knew her.”

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: You did not get any minor award. Before you were announced as the title winner, did it cross your mind that you’re going to lose? Were you surprised when you were announced as the title winner? If so, how surprised?[/quote]

A: I entered this competition with the intent to give it my all and learn from the experience. I honestly had no idea who the judges were going to determine as the winner; all my competitors were incredible and brought something unique to the competition. Once it was announced that I was the title winner, I was incredibly surprised. The entire experience was like a dream.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: The Filipino Star News believes you won because you have a high score in the beauty/poise/personality category. Do you know what is your score in this category?[/quote]

A: I only know what the judges told me afterwards, which is that I apparently did very well and that it was primarily because of this and my answer during the Q&A portion that I was able to win the competition.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: Describe your day after the pageant night. Were there people who greeted through the phone or social media?[/quote]

A: I was so excited by the entire experience that I was hardly able to sleep that night. The following morning, I was greeted by several of my friends and family, over the phone and Facebook, congratulating me on becoming the new Mrs. Philippines of Michigan.

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: In a few words, how do you describe your husband? Did he grow up in Michigan?[/quote]

A: My husband is the most supportive, loving, compassionate and handsome person I have ever known. He has always been there for me and our two children.

He is actually an immigrant like myself; he was born in Sweden, where he was raised speaking Swedish by his father and Spanish by his Mexican mother. He immigrated at age 10 to the United States where he learned to speak English and eventually became a US citizen. 

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: You have two kids and your husband is a soldier. You will be attending a lot of social events as Mrs. Philippines-Michigan. How will you divide your time?[/quote]

A: As a military family that has spent the last few years traveling across multiple states and countries, we are used to a fast-paced lifestyle that requires us to organize our time efficiently and work together as a team. 

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: What do you think is the significance of the title to your development as a person?[/quote]

A: I believe this role will challenge me as a person. However, I believe that I will be able to rise to the occasion and grow as a true ambassador of my community.   

[quote style=”boxed” ]Q: In concluding this interview, please greet our Filipino Star News readers “Good day” in the three other languages that you speak – Bisaya, Tagalog and Korean.[/quote]

A:  No problem, sir. “Maayong Adlaw Kaninyong Tanan”,  “Magandang Araw Po Sainyong Lahat”, and “Joheun Haru Doeseyo.”