Tulsi Gabbard, who sponsored the Congressional Gold Medal Award legislation in the House, congratulates Filipino World War II veteran Rudy Panaglima… Image Source: Inquirer Global Nation –

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CHICAGO — The Philippine consulate general in Chicago has joined the Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. and other Philippine foreign service posts in the United States, as well as the various Filipino community organizations across the country involved in the campaign for recognition of Filipino veterans’ heroism, bravery and dedication to duty, in joyfully applauding and gratefully celebrating the signing into law of the “Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015.”

President Obama signed the bill on Dec. 14, a week after it reached the White House. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives approved S.1555, respectively, on July 13, 2016 and Nov. 30, 2016.

The bill thus became Public Law No. 114-265. It mandates the award of a single gold medal to be designed and struck with suitable emblems, devices and inscriptions and turned over to the Smithsonian Institution. It will also be made available for display at other locations associated with the Filipino Veterans of WWII and for further research.

Seventy-five years after Filipinos first responded to the call to fight as integral elements of the US Armed Forces in the Far East for the defense of their country, which was then sovereign American territory, they are finally recognized collectively for their valor, commitment and sacrifice.

Consul General Generoso D.G. Calonge expressed his utmost appreciation and gratitude to President Obama and the sponsors and cosponsors of the bill at the US Senate and House of Representatives, and warmest congratulations to all Filipino Veterans especially those residing in Chicago and areas within the Consulate’s jurisdiction.

“I hope the momentum of this historic occasion would spur all of us to continue with greater vigor the work of raising public awareness and education on the contributions of our soldiers and guerrillas during WWII, thus strengthening the bond of brotherhood around shared values and ideals between the Philippines and the United States,” he said.