Top L-R: Gosioco, Griffin, Jr. Bottom L-R: Inez, Hum
Top L-R: Gosioco, Griffin, Jr. Bottom L-R: Inez, Hum
The Filipino-American Community Council (FILAMCCO) announced it has appointed four outstanding individuals as members of the board of judges in the Mrs. Philippines-Michigan 2013 beauty pageant.

The pageant will be held in the evening of August 17, 2013 at the St. John Banquet and Conference Center in Southfield.

FILAMCCO Director Imelda Martin said the selected judges are noted for their integrity, professionalism and civic activities. Martin chaired a FILAMCCO committee that selected the four judges.

There are five candidates for the prestigious beauty title. They are Carol Ambas, Lelian Grabowski, Liezel Schultz, Welarchie Sosnowski and Maryann Noffz.

The appointed members of the board of judges are Dr. Antoine Gosioco, Vance Y. Hum, Filomena Mangubat Inez and Robert L. Griffin, Jr.

Following are brief biographies of the four judges:

[box type=”default” size=”large”] Dr. ANTOINE GOSIOCO [/box]Dr. Antoine Brillantes Gosioco is a retired professor of Wayne State University and retired administrator in the Detroit Public Schools. He retired after rendering 20 years of service as an educator. He was a recipient of the Most Outstanding Educator in Michigan Award and got the Presidential Award in Education while he was active in teaching.

He was cited as the Most Outstanding Educator by the Philippine Times in Illinois, and he received grants for research in cultural and environmental issues in Kenya, Africa, Borja, Spain, and Costa Rica.

Dr. Gosioco directed many Ms. Philippines of Michigan and Mrs. Philippines of Michigan beauty pageants in the early 1980s.

He was also the first pageant director of the Ms. Little Philippines of Michigan. He served as judge in beauty pageants and musical competitions in Windsor, Canada and the Philippines.

Dr. Gosioco was the artistic director of the Tagumpay Dance Ensemble, the Karilagan Cultural Ensemble in Windsor, Canada and, at present, the artistic director of the Mabuhay Dance Group of Windsor, Canada.

Dr. Gosioco has presented many cultural exhibits in the Metro Detroit area and lectured on cultural and artistic traditions of the Philippines in different universities.

At present, Dr. Gosioco is involved in the Philippine National Historical Society and is doing a research on the cultural aspects of selected Philippine minority groups. Tonette or Antoine, as he is fondly known in the community, loves singing and dancing. He plays the piano and writes creative non-fictions, including his memoirs.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] VANCE Y. HUM [/box]Vance Y. Hum is the chief executive officer (CEO) of I.M. Systems Group, Inc. (IMSG), a company that brings together the best science, engineering, and management skills to implement environmental and climate-change programs. Headquartered in Rockville, Maryland, IMSG is in over 35 locations worldwide and has over 500 subject-matter experts in various disciplines such as remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS), information technology, and geophysical, marine, and atmospheric sciences.

Mr. Hum is an experienced senior executive with a proven track record in public and multinational private companies. He has a broad history of assisting companies to develop and complete products and services that drive them to dominant positions in defensible market segments. Mr. Hum’s experience includes over 10 years as a consultant to the investment banking community, highlighted by his role as senior technical advisor to Oppenheimer & Co.’s mergers and acquisitions department. He has served in the public and private sector as CEO, COO or CFO of five other entities and has been on the board of directors of several companies.

Mr. Hum is affiliated with the board of directors of non-profit organizations, including the board of directors of the Montgomery County (Maryland) Chamber of Commerce and the DC chapter of the Monte Jade Science and Technology Association, mentoring the next generation of Asian-American entrepreneurs and SMEs in science and technology. He is also an active member of many other charitable and technical fields.

On two separate occasions in 2008, Mr. Hum acted as an official NOAA observer at CEOS (Committee for Earth Observing Satellites) meetings in Hainan and Beijing, China. He served as an official delegate for the U.S. to the Vietnam-U.S. Working Group on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Hanoi in 2010.

Mr. Hum was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the U.S. Department of Commerce for his support and contributions to the Asian-American Business Community in 2009. He was also awarded the position of the Dean of Honor of the Environmental Science and Technology Faculty at Nguyen Trai University in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2009.
Mr. Hum is a host committee member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2011 forum, where he is on the energy policy and food security support groups.

Mr. Hum received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland and pursued graduate studies at the George Washington University and the University of Maryland.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] FILOMENA MANGUBAT INEZ [/box]Filomena Mangubat Inez, nicknamed “Fe,” hails from Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines.

A registered nurse, she obtained her nursing degree from the Southern Island Hospital School of Nursing in Cebu City. She undertook her postgraduate training at St Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, an affiliate of Mayo Clilnic, before she came to Michigan. She is currently working as a peri-operative nurse at a private clinic in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

She has two children, Jeffrey and Ann Marie, who both have degrees in accounting and MBA. She is residing in Rochester Hills together with husband Dr. Tab Inez, a general surgeon at the Crittenton Hospital in Rochester, Michigan.

She is a member of the KKPM Adult Choir at St Rene Goupil Church in Sterling Heights. On Christmas eve, she portrays Mary, while her husband plays the role of Joseph in the “Panuluyan.” She is an active member of the Kiwanis Metro North-Troy. She enjoys watching good movies and listening to good music and loves dancing.

[box type=”default” size=”large”] ROBERT L. GRIFFIN, JR. [/box]Robert L. Griffin, Jr., nicknamed “Chief,” is a professional basketball player who at one time played with the Detroit Pistons.

He lives in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Standing six feet, six-and-half inches, Chief played college basketball with the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. He has arts and science degrees. He also studied communication and psychology at the University of Iowa.

He was one of the top high school basketball players to come out of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He was named Player of the Year and selected member of the Detroit Free Press 1st all-American team.

He was a member of the University of Iowa Hawkeyes team that played in the Big 10 Conference. As a professional basketball player, he participated in tournaments in South Korea, England, Greece, Lithuania, etc. He also played for the Harlem Globtrotters. An entrepreneur, Chief heads 1love Multimedia-Sponsor1ent, a company that organizes entertainment events.

He is also with WHPR Radio/TV Station in Detroit as one of the hosts of a show called “Primetime Live!” He is likewise on an interactive platform with Get Lucky Productions. He hosted a TV show called “Players Best” with Tsunami Worldwide Media, which is associated with primetime TV shows such as “Cops,” “30 Rock,” and “Family Guy.”