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Filipino-American high school and college graduates this year as well as those who have earned master’s and doctorate degrees will be honored at PACCM’s (Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan) annual recognition dinner which will be held at the center on June 22, 2018.

The brainchild of past PACCM president Dr. Efren Platon, honoring graduates of the community has become a yearly celebration which is looked forward to by people who have completed their academic pursuits.

It’s an event equally enjoyed by the graduates’ parents and their families, and in some occasions by spouses and children of married  graduates who have earned  degrees beyond college

The celebration begins with a dinner reception and social exchanges among graduates and their families and guests. With the music of “Pomp and Circumstance,” the graduates march to the stage of the PACCM social hall and are seated accordingly.

A welcome remark is delivered by the event coordinator, followed by the opening remarks of the president of PACCM.  A noted keynote speaker then delivers an inspirational, powerful message to the graduates.

The speaker delves on the significant highlights of a good education and their personal experiences and struggles leading to their successes in their chosen fields and a wide range of opportunities open to graduates to pursue their careers and achieve their desired goals.

Following the keynote address, each graduate is called upon to say a few words about themselves and are given certificates of recognition. Then their parents or spouses put a special stole made of the Philippine flag  around their necks, a cultural token highly appreciated by the graduates.

A group picture concludes the ceremony.

This year’s event committee is once again chaired by this writer and co-chaired by Amy Risvold with the assistance of Flor Penner, Josie Paluay, Tony Kho and Becky Tungol.

For further information, the graduates are asked to communicate with any one of the following: Arcie Gemino- arciegemino1113[at] 586-954-9711; Amy Risvold – amymark1975[at] -586-344-1476; Becky Tungol – rtungol[at] – 348-755-6119; and Tony Kho – tkho000[at] – 248-755-6122.