quick-to-assemblehouses[box type=”default” size=”large”] Philippines eyed as major market for new PVC building materials [/box]

The giant leap in technology in the past few decades has ushered in many instant products. Examples are instant coffee, instant movie and instant food.

Now here come instant houses. Yes, instant houses!

It is not exactly instant, but by comparison, these can be called instant houses. A new technology, called Flex Building Systems, enables the construction of a two-bedroom house and even a three-bedroom house in just one or two weeks. This is “instant” considering that it usually takes at least two to three months to build such houses. This is made possible with the use of prefabricated PVC (polyvinyl chloride) panels as the materials for the walls and roof.

There’s one thing more impressive about this system: Even unskilled laborers can do the construction.

The use of this unique technology, which has been developed by an automotive company in Sterling Heights, Michigan, is being promoted by GLES Venture Group, a company formed by three Filipino-American businessmen – namely, Lito Estanislao, Rico Sunga and Lloyd G. Sio.        

Estanislao, who is president-CEO of GLES, said his company is eyeing the Philippines as a major market for the prefabricated PVC panels, noting that the Philippine housing backlog is now 3.8 million houses.

Estanislao said that upon the initiative of GLES, a three-bedroom model house was built recently on the campus of the Batangas University in Batangas City. He said he had travelled to Batangas to supervise the construction of the model house.                  

Actually, it takes only two to three days to assemble the panel walls and build the house, he said. But the curing of the cement used in the foundations takes at least five days.   

The prefabricated PVC panels, he said, are waterproof, maintenance-free, fire-retardant and termite-resistant. The cost is reasonable, he added.

The following literature (contained in a brochure) gives more details about the new building materials.   

High quality

All Flex Building Systems profiles and parts are of the highest quality.

This product is manufactured in South Africa and meets ISO 9001 Standards. Flex Building Systems products give years of reliable service and are designed in accordance with accepted South African civil engineering standards.

Low cost, complete solution

Flex Building Systems offer extensive and affordable housing solutions for individuals, organizations and governments in need. It is ideal for the following applications: Domestic applications; education and healthcare facilities; infrastructure, mining and construction site offices; leisure and tourism; agriculture; and DIY.

Unique building technology

The unique profiles enable a fast and efficient assembly process, ensuring a rapid set-up. The panels serve not only wall and roofing structures, but also as conduits for electrical, water and other isolation materials.

Flexible, modular design

Smart and flexible assembly techniques enable scalability and modular design capabilities for a variety of applications. From a single unit to a full-scale community solution, Flex Building Systems offers easy assembly and dismantling by unskilled labor.

Quick assembly by unskilled labor Flex Building Systems units are simple to assemble with minimal tools.

Professional knowledge or construction experience is not required.

Building teams can be trained easily on site.

Waterproof and maintenance free

The panels provide fully sealed structures built to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, heavy rains and hail. The panels are designed to host various types of thermal or acoustic insulation materials, and the structures are virtually maintenance free.

Meets fire, safety regulations

The fire-retardant panels are tested and classified for fire safety classification and are in accordance with the German DIN 4012 Part 1-1981 (inflammability grade IV, Smoke density grade 3 and Shape distortion grade 3).

Construction reliability

Flex Building Systems products are strictly tested and designed to meet civil engineering standards for all kinds of weather conditions. Due to its lightweight structure, heavy foundations are not required. This is what makes our shelters practically earthquake resistant.

In case of minimal damage to the shelter, it can be reconnected with ease.

High quality, rapid assembly and cost effective