Major Allen Acosta

Filipino-American Allen Acosta, a decorated U.S. Army veteran who was born in Manila and raised in Canton, Michigan, is running for state representative in Legislative District 22 (Olympia) in Washington State.

Allen is a son of Fred Acosta, a former Delta Airlines employee, and the late Mila Lynn Acosta and a nephew of Art Acosta. He immigrated to the US during the martial-law period in the Philippines.

In a Skype interview with the Filipino Star News, Allen said he is a third-party (Libertarian) candidate in the primary in August. He said he has a good chance of making it in the primary as he is being supported by many groups, including workers’ unions.

“My candidacy is generating a lot of interests in both the Republican and Democrat quarters,” he said.

He had served in the Army for 17 years with three combat deployments and had received the Purple Heart medal.

Allen arrived in Washington in 2006 after an overseas assignment with the Army. He eventually decided to reside in Olympia.

He said his upbringing played a big role in the development of his values. “My parents emphasized values in serving other people, community responsibility, and good-neighbor policy.”

He graduated from the Eastern Michigan University with a degree in public administration with a concentration on a criminal investigation.

Allen said he is an advocate for affordable housing and land zoning reform. He opposes continued increase in taxation and increases in the cost of living which, he said, is making Washington less affordable for families.

His father Fred and uncle Art are appealing for donations from friends in Michigan for the election campaign of Allen.