Meet and Greet sa FILAMCCO
Image source: by juliaf

Leaders of organizations under the umbrella of the Filipino-American Community Council (FILAMCCO) sought better coordination of programs and activities which are intended to benefit the community.

The new FILAMCCO officers and directors led by President Ryan Rosario and the leaders of community groups discussed various concerns during a “Meet and Greet” meeting held last January 18 at Fuji Buffet in Madison Heights.

The meeting was attended by 18 presidents and four representatives of community organizations. There are at least 60 groups under the FILAMCCO umbrella.

Gerardo Atillo, president of Ang Bisaya, proposed that the FILAMCCO website be updated and improved to effectively serve as a channel of information and communication between FILAMCCO and the organizations under it.[box type=”default” size=”large”] Newsletter, schedule of events, other concerns discussed [/box]Willie Dechavez, FILAMCCO public relations officer, informed the participants in the gathering that the FILAMCCO board has approved a plan to set up an online newsletter which will be launched soon.

He said that through the newsletter, the different organizations and the community will be informed of various events, activities and programs as well as plans and decisions of the board.

Dechavez also said that Board Directors Jeanette Tanafranca, Tony Kho, Percy Antonio and himself are tasked to publish the online newsletter which will be updated every month.

Rosario said that the organizations will be allotted space in the FILAMCCO website through which they can inform the public of their forthcoming events and activities.

Board Director Jeff Jenks proposed that for better coordination and communication, a directory of the member-organizations be included in the website.

Director Antonio urged control of information to be posted in the website to prevent its use as a venue for quarrels and controversies. He recalled past instances in which a Filipino-American website was used to trade charges and insulting information by certain parties.

Director Amy Risvold, who is the chairperson of the FILMACCO membership committee, reminded the member-organizations of their obligation to pay the membership fee of $35 each.

Dr. Ernie Mac, also a board director, appealed to the member-organizations to support FILAMCCO so it can continue to serve the community.

Ang Bisaya President Atillo noted that practically the same people are seen attending events hosted by various groups, saying this necessitates coordination in the scheduling of events. This would avoid a situation in which two or three affairs are scheduled on the same day, he said.

Responding to Atillo’s observation, Dechavez said that the FILAMCCO board has already picked the dates for major events to be held this year and has also appointed the chairpersons of the committees in charge of preparations for and staging of the events.

The schedule of the events and the chairpersons are: Kalayaan Picnic, June 2 or 16, chaired by FILAMCCO Vice President Betsy Henry; Miss Philippines Beauty Pageant, Aug. 25, chaired by FILAMCCO Secretary Rose Caoagas; Trick or Trunk, Oct. 27, Board Director Alford Thompson; and Rizal Day, Dec. 15, PRO Dechavez.

Billie Belen, president of the Kapulongan ng mga Katolikong Pilipino sa Michigan (KKPM), announced that the monthly Filipino mass is held every first Saturday of every month at the Saint Rene Goupil chuch in Sterling Heights.

The schedule of these events should serve as guide of the various associations in the planning of their own events to avoid the situation in which two or three events are scheduled on the same day, Dechavez said.

Ron Gayta of FAST-D and John White of Kiwanis asked how FILAMCCO can help them assist in the implementation of their respective projects benefitting the youth and members of the community.

Fe San Agustin echoed an appeal for fund donations to a drive launched to save the life of an overseas Filipino worker sentenced to be beheaded in Saudi Arabia.

Rosario said that the information, data and suggestions gathered during the meeting will be taken into consideration when the FILAMCCO finalizes its plan of actions for the whole year.