diabetes prevention
Image Source: Chichester District Council

The Asian Center-Southeast Michigan (ACSM) and the Philippine Nurses Association of Michigan (PNAM) will hold Diabetes Prevention Workshop which will start in March, this year.

The workshop will consist of 16 weekly sessions which will be followed by monthly sessions. The free-admission sessions will be held in the Wm. Costick Center at 28600 Eleven Mile Road, Farmington Hills.

These will be held in a four-month period starting in March and ending in June. The monthly follow-up sessions will start in October. 

For the sessions, PNAM headed by President Maria Wolfinbarger will provide “lifestyle health coaches” who will guide the participants on how to have a lifestyle conducive to healthy living.

The urgent need to hold the workshop arises from study findings that 86 million Americans have prediabetes or one of three adults has prediabetes. Of the 86 million, nine out of 10 adults don’t even know they have it.

Without intervention, 15 to 30 percent of people with prediabetes will develop Type 2 diabetes in five years. With these scary numbers, it is important to learn about prediabetes and ways how to avoid it. Even small steps can prevent diabetes.

ACSM and PNAM say, “Becoming more active and losing a moderate amount of weight can help you change your family health history.”

Other tips are: Becoming more active helps you move those muscles; control your food intake; find your healthy weight; be part of a group; manage stress; and stay motivated.

During the weekly sessions, other ways to prevent diabetes will be discussed at length.

Individuals interested in attending the workshop are asked to communicate through email with the following: taiagnesann[at]gmail.com, hilda.kittinger[at]gmail.com, amymark1975[at]yahoo.com, melogar[at]yahoo.com, stmontano[at]gmail.com and maryjoy1[at]sbcglobal.net.

They may also call Hilda at 248-752-8159 or Ann Tai at 734-276-3369.