Image source: Photo by: Richard Talaban
Image source: Photo by: Richard Talaban

Gabrielle Angeles, a Filipina dance artist well known for her remarkable skills in aerial arts, will lead the 20 Filipino talents who will perform in this year’s edition of “Splendor of the East (SOE).”

SOE 2013 will be staged in the evening of May 11, 2013 at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center in Dearborn. SOE is a major, annual fund-raising show produced by the Council of Asian Pacific Americans (CAPA).

CAPA President Robert Riparip said Gabrielle will be a special guest performer at SOE 2013.

A former dancer of “Music & Motion” which is a PACCM-based dance group, Gabrielle now lives in Los Angeles, California. She will be coming to town on May 11 to perform an intricate aerial dance at SOE.

Gabrielle began her dance career with ballet lessons, and her movement repertoire has grown to include a wide range of styles with focus on aerial arts. Her love of dance as an art brought her to places such as Palau, Japan and Hawaii, where she received in 2005 an artist fellowship to train and perform Japanese taiko drumming with the Kenny Endo Taiko Ensemble.

Now living in Los Angeles, Gabrielle is a founding member of “The Furies” and an all-female dance crew called “The Syrenz.” This group performs Hip Hop Funk styles such as Waacking, Locking, Breaking, House dance, New Jack and Hip Hop choreo.

Gabrielle’s media credits include “Most Wanted,” an independent film; DJ Scully’s music video entitled “Feel the Same;” and Coldplay ft. Rihanna “Princess of China.”

Gabrielle will lead the 20 Filipino talents who will perform at SOE 2013.

The other Filipino performers will include singer-dancer Feli Taghap, narrator Jon Roldan, Tagumpay dancers led by Aimee Calasara,  reigning Mrs. Philippines-Michigan Mary Heart Patterson, former Mrs. Philippines Johanna Sanders and former Miss Philippines Michelle Aniciete.

FILAMCCO President Ryan Rosario will have a special participation as Tahitian King Ru.

Toni Martinez, who is SOE 2013 producer, noted that Aimee Calasara of the Tagumpay Dance Group, has been working diligently to ensure that the dancers are retaining the dance steps.

Martinez said Rose Coagas has been very helpful in the rehearsal as she monitors attendance and communication.

She lauded Lulu Rodriguez and Lovinia Mateo who designed and prepared the costumes.

Martinez also noted the volunteer work of James Wilson, CAPA youth committee chairman, for seeing to it that the audio system is working during rehearsals.

The Filipino choreographer is Annabelle Cudilla, who also serves as dance director. Annabelle has choreographed four numbers – “All That Jazz” as the opening number; “Hibik,” a lyrical dance portraying a young Filipina who migrated to Japan; a contemporary Polynesian suite from the Maui Broadway Ulalena; and “Granada” and “La Jota,” other Filipino-Spanish dance.

The 20 performers have been in the thick of rigorous rehearsals since Annabelle came to town in February.