Far Eastern University
Far Eastern University

Some 200 members and guests of the Far Eastern University Nursing Alumni Foundation, Inc.-USA (FEUNAF-USA) will attend the group’s 16th Biennial Grand Reunion set on July 24-26, 2014at Detroit Marriott in the Renaissance Center, Detroit, it was announced.

Boots Gabarda, immediate past president of the Michigan chapter of FEUNAF-USA, said the attendees will come from the Philippines and all over the US and Canada.

More than 20 members will come from all over Michigan.

The Philippine delegation will be led by FEU president Dr. Michael Alba and his wife, Dr. Lydia Palaypay, Dr. Belinda Buenafe and Dean Priscila Longanilla.

The Gala Night is set on July 26 in Hall 42 Degrees North of the Detroit Marriott, starting at 6 p.m.

The attendees will have a pre-event get-together in the house of Remy Solarte here in Michigan in the evening of Wednesday (July 23). In the morning of Thursday, the foundation’s executive board will hold a meeting, and in the evening, the formal Welcome Night will be held.

On Friday morning, there will be educational lectures. In the evening of Friday, the attendees will enjoy a cruise on the Detroit River,

The scheduled activities in the morning of the following day, Saturday, are the general membership meeting and election of officers.

On Sunday (July 27) noon, there will be a luncheon party in the house of Virginia Lemay in Windsor, Canada.