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IMUS, Cavite, Philippines – Aside from being a faith healer and an exorcist, David Langcay is also a psychic.

As a psychic, he possesses extra-sensory perception (ESP), which he calls “third eye.” Like Nostradamus, Jeanne Dixon and the other famous psychics, his mind’s eye has the rare capability to see future events.

When we visited David on Jan. 4, 2013 in his house in this town, he told us that while he was saying mass in Latin, he had a vision of a big explosion inside a building.

However, he did not know where the explosion would take place. He did not also know what would cause the explosion. He said though that the blast could happen in two or three days.

Three days later, the media reported that a big hotel in Olongapo City was destroyed by a fire, which was preceded by an explosion.

I surmised this was the explosion David had seen with his “third eye.”

Some policemen in this town also believed David is capable of seeing things in places far beyond what the eyes of ordinary people like us can see.

Cavite journalist Del Villanueva related that at one time, detectives investigating a carnapping case consulted David. After they gave him the pertinent information about the case, David told them that they may find the stolen car at a certain place here in Cavite.

The investigators went to the place, and, indeed, the stolen car was there. There were two or three other cases that were solved by the police with the help of David, Del said.

In an interview, I asked David when and how did he find out that he has a “third eye.”

He said he discovered he possesses a third eye when he was 15 years old. He related that one day, he went home from school at about 2 in the afternoon. He was so tired that he fell asleep on a sofa in the living room of their house.

When he woke up, he was astonished to see the sky through the roof. “I saw the sky as if there is no roof,” he said. He also saw things placed behind the cement wall of their house.

When he related his experience to some of his relatives, they told him he is gifted by God with a “third eye.”

He was also told that he may have been likewise given healing power. When his some of relatives fell ill, he was consulted, and he told them what illnesses they were suffering from. He also prescribed herbal extracts for them.

He said they were cured of their illnesses.

David said his father and grandfather were “arbolarios” – rural folk who treated sick people with medicinal plants.

Years later, David likewise discovered he can communicate with the spirits of dead people.

Last Jan. 4, I met three brothers – Jay, Gil and Art Nicolas – in the house of David. They were there because they wanted to communicate with the spirit of their sibling, Edward, 46 years old, who died of heart attack last Dec. 27.

The Nicolas brothers wanted to talk to Edward’s spirit because they would like to know the important things he had failed to attend to because of his sudden death.

With Angie Homeres serving as a medium, David talked to the spirit of Edward. Through the medium, Edward’s spirit told his siblings to attend to business matters he had left unfinished.

The brothers confirmed that Edward had some business deals before he died. The spirit told them the particulars of the transactions.

David asked Edward’s spirit how he is doing in the place where he is now, and the spirit said, “Ayos naman kami ni tatay (I and father are doing fine).”

I also met Jorge Aguinaldo, a “balikbayan” from Sacramento, California, US. He travelled all the way from Tarlac to seek treatment. He said that David had already treated him in the past and that his illness was always cured.

He said that even while he is Sacramento, he still seeks treatment by David whenever he falls ill. He would ask his relatives to go to the house of David to tell him about his illness.

David would do his oil-and-prayer ritual and tell Jorge through his relatives what medicines he should take.

Jorge told this writer that despite the long distance, David’s healing power is effective. “I always feel relieved of whatever ails me after David has done the ritual,” he said.