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It’s Halloween, and it’s time to tell scary stories.

Our story to mark this year’s Halloween observance is about an encounter of the third kind or ET (extraterrestrial beings).

This was related to me one night in the 1990s by former Samar mayor Philip Evardone, brother of incumbent Eastern Samar Congressman Ben Evardone. We were then having a drinking session at a bar in Ermita, Manila.

It took place in a remote, mountainous place in Eastern Samar. The people there were puzzled by the presence of five brand-new cars at the only gasoline station in the place. The station owner told the police that a man, who was wearing thick hood, left the cars and that the man would come back to get them. Inquiries showed that the cars were bought in Manila and shipped to Samar.

The next day, the cars were no longer in the station. It was presumed that the hooded man came back at night and retrieved them. Further inquiries indicated that a Makati car dealer had sold the cars to a man who paid in cash and that the duplicates of the purchase papers and other documents were kept in the dealer’s office. A check with the Land Transportation Office showed that the cars were never registered.

Where were the cars? Where were these brought to? Up to the present, the mystery over the cars has not been solved.

In the same place a year or so later, a farmer went to the mountain to gather firewood. He was horrified to see a hooded man sitting near a cave. The man later approached him and talked to him.

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The farmer described the man as peculiarly thin and tall with distinctly brown eyes. Talking in halting Visaya, the mysterious man told the farmer that he lives in a subterranean place some 30 kilometers below the ground. The man said the place where he came from is just like a modern city complete with roads, cars, restaurants, television and other amenities of a high-end lifestyle.

He invited the farmer to go with him to his subterranean place. The farmer was told that if he goes with him, he would be living there for good and would no longer be able to return home. He was told he would have a good job in the underground city.

Because he had a family, the farmer turned down the offer.

Afterwards, the man left him and walked towards the cave not far from the place where he was earlier seen sitting.

Frightened by the strange encounter, the farmer hurriedly went home.

A few days after he related his weird experience to the barangay leaders, a group of barangay tanods (policemen) went to the cave where the hooded man was presumed to have entered. Entering the deep, dark cave, they were repelled by a strong odor, and suddenly, hundreds of bats flew out of the cave. Afraid to death, the tanods dashed out, abandoning their inquiry.

Was the hooded man an extraterrestrial being?

Recently, while I was watching History Channel’s series on “ancient aliens”, I was surprised to hear an expert’s theory that ancient aliens visiting the earth centuries ago might not have gone back to the planet where they came from and opted to stay in our planet. The expert said images engraved in the stone walls of the extinct Mayan village indicated that ancient aliens wearing astronaut’s outfits visited the earth long time ago.

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The same expert suggested that these aliens could be living in places some 30 kilometers under the ground.     

Were the missing brand-new cars brought to the hooded man’s underground city?