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I had a weird dream the other night.

I went down to the basement and looked for a bag that I had hid there. I found the dusty bag at one corner. Opening it I saw what I had been looking for: Some sort of a modern crystal ball.

I placed the crystal ball on a table. I lighted three small candles which I placed around the ball. In the ensuing surreal atmosphere, I recited a short prayer in Latin. After a few minutes I saw images of people flashing in the crystal ball which operated like an IPod.

The images were those of Senators Grace Poe and Chiz Escudero and DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, three Philippine officials from whom President Noynoy Aquino will select the administration’s candidate for president in next year’s elections. I wanted to know who among the three will be anointed by Noynoy.

I recited another arcane Latin prayer. But images of other people appeared in the ball. At first, I did not recognize the images, but after I wiped my glasses with a piece of tissue paper, the images became clear.

First to appear was the image of Wilmar Suan, incumbent auditor of the Filipino American Community Council (FILAMCCO). Wilmar was waving his right hand at me and seemed to be saying something.

Next came the image of Edith Manzano, former FILAMCCO vice president, Kahirup president and chairperson of the overall committee on the last Kalayaan Picnic. The image was smiling as it faded into the background.

Then the image of Ryan Rosario appeared. Ryan was former president of FILAMCCO and Philippine Chamber of Commerce-Michigan. He is an incumbent commissioner of the Michigan Asian Pacific American Affairs Commission (MAPAAC). He was waving his right hand at me and later flashed the thumb-up sign.

The next image to appear was that of Flor Sitchon, incumbent president of Michigan Circulo Pampangueno and director of both FILAMCCO and the Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan (PACCM). She, too, was smiling at me.

There were two other images flashed in the ball. They were those of Van Ong, former FILAMCCO president, and Angela Bedia, former president of the Far East Nurses Association of Great Lakes (FANA). The images of Van and Angela were different from the others in that they did not wave their hands or even looked at me. In fact, they appeared to have ignored me.

I did not know what the parade of images mean, but after reading a short guide on how to use the crystal ball, I concluded that it has something to do with politics, particularly FILAMCCO politics. Next November (some four months away), the biennial (once every two years) FILAMCCO elections will be held.

I surmised that the community leaders whose images were in the ball are considering the possibility of running for FILAMCCO president in November. All of them are qualified to become FILAMCCO president. Because FILAMCCO is the umbrella organization of 42 Filipino-American associations in Michigan, the position of president is, to say the least, prestigious. It is equivalent to that of a mayor of a big city in the Philippines.

Who will succeed Imelda Martin-Hum as FILAMCCO president?

I again activated my crystal ball by reciting another Latin prayer. What appeared in the ball were images of respected community leaders. They included Doctors Ernie Mac, Orlando Sison and Stella Evangelista, Fe San Agustin, Loida Moses, Ed Navarra, Tony Kho and Becky Tungol.

They seemed to be saying something, but because the crystal ball had no audio, I could not hear anything. Again, I read the guide. It seemed that the community leaders would be endorsing candidates whom they feel would be able to lead FILAMCCO well in the next two years.

The leaders appeared to be pointing at a white board on which the words “track records of service, competence, integrity and honesty” were written. I understood this to mean that these would be the criteria the leaders would use in deciding who among the candidates they are going to support.

Also, the leaders were pointing to another two words on the board: “No controversy.” I surmised they were saying that the next FILAMCCO leadership should not be mired in controversies similar to those that plagued the present leadership.

When it was the turn of Doctor Orly to appear in the ball, I asked him who among the aspirants he will endorse. He was about to speak when my wife shook me to wake me up. In a demanding voice, she said, “Gising na (wake up), it’s time for you to bring me to the dialysis center.”


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