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IMUS, Cavite, Philippines – It was a scary experience, and the dread I felt was similar to the horror I feel when I am watching movies, the likes of the “Exorcist” or Wes Craven-directed films.

Psychic-faith healer

David S. Langcay hypnotized the medium, Angie Homeres, a pretty, young woman from Antipolo City. Instantly, her body shook violently as if she was convulsing for about 30 seconds before she went into a trance.

David, 46 years old, had suspected that an evil spirit had entered the medium’s body. He said he had encountered the bad spirit when he earlier used Angie as a medium in communicating with a person who died recently. He hypnotized her for the second time so he could talk to the evil spirit.

While in a trance, Angie’s face turned ghoulishly ugly with her lips grotesquely protruded and her cheeks hollow as if she had no teeth. Her arms were half-raised with the fingers coiled like crab’s claws ready to strike.

People (including this writer) who were watching the ritual fell eerily silent, some visibly scared.

Seated in front of Angie, David asked, “Sino ka (who are you)?” He wanted to find out what kind of bad spirit was in the medium’s body. There was no answer.

David repeated his question twice. Then it answered. The low-pitched voice seemed to come from a choked person and could hardly be heard. David asked the question again. This time, the voice was a bit louder. It said, “Ako’y engkanto ng tubig (I am the spirit of water).”

“Ilan taon ka (How old are you)?”

“Apat na daan taon (400 years old).”

“Bakit mo siya sinapian (why have you occupied her)?” David asked.

“Maganda siya, gusto ko siya (She is beautiful, I like her).”

David asked, “Saan mo siya nakita (where did you see her)?”

The voice said, “Nakita ko siya sa ilog ng Tanay (I saw her at the river in Tanay).”

David said, “Lumayas ka diyan, hindi ka dapat diyan (Get out of her, you are not supposed to be there).”

The voice said, “Gusto ko siya, nakikialam ka (I like her, you are meddling).”

David asked the spirit two more times to leave the body of the medium, but the spirit was defiant. Holding a kitchen knife, David threatened to kill the spirit if it does not leave the medium. He made the threat thrice. David bowed his head and appeared to be murmuring something. Then he made the motion of thrusting the knife at the side of Angie’s body.

In an instance, the medium’s body turned limp and her half-raised arms fell on her side. The spirit is already gone, David announced. He later said that he had summoned angels to pull the evil spirit out.

After a few minutes, however, the medium convulsed and went into a trance again. David said there are other spirits in the medium’s body.

He repeated the ritual of asking questions about what kind of spirit they are and how many are they. They said that they are the spirits of three persons who drowned in the river and kept as slave by the evil water spirit. Because the water spirit is gone, they are already free and they want to go to where they should go.

One of the spirits said his name is Albert. He said he had drowned in the river and his body is in the river bed.

After saying a short prayer, David told the spirits that angels are coming down to fetch them.

Afterwards, the medium’s turned inert again. Minutes later, David woke her up by touching her forehead and blowing air on her head. She opened her eyes and woke up. She appeared dazed, but except for that, she was in her normal condition.

David asked if she had gone to the river in Tanay (Rizal), and she said “yes,” she and some friends recently held a picnic there.

Asked what she felt while in a trance, Angie said, “I felt nothing; I was just sleeping.”