Imus CavityIMUS, Cavite, Philippines – We arrived at the house of David S. Langcay in this progressive Cavite town at about 7 in the evening of January 4, 2013.

There were a dozen people lining up and patiently waiting for their turn to be attended to by David, 46 years old, a psychic-faith healer, who started healing when he was 15 years old.

Aside from healing people, he can also summon and talk to the spirit of the dead and can expel bad spirits that enter the body of individuals. Likewise, he celebrates mass and says the mass in Latin.

And there is one more amazing thing about him: He had helped the police solve crimes.

On January 4 (Friday), he began meeting the sick at about 1 p.m., and at 7 p.m. he had already attended to 86 of the 98 persons who sought treatment on that day.

Among the dozen people lining up were individuals who came from places as far as Tarlac, Quezon Province and Palawan. They included a judge and other prominent individuals. They had heard about David’s healing power from persons who claimed to have been cured of their illnesses.

Wearing an ordinary white T-shirt and standing about five feet and seven inches, he treats his patients in a most informal way, and he even cracks jokes about the illnesses that afflict them.

In full view of the other patients and guests, he treats the sick while seated in front of a round table on which a wicker basket full of peso bills was placed. The patients place the money in the basket. They voluntarily give the money, and there is no specific amount one can give. The biggest amount of the peso bills in the basket is 200 pesos.

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He diagnoses patients through oil-and-prayer rituals. The oil is in a small, saucer-like bottle. Looking at the oil inside the bottle and holding one arm of the patient, he tells the disease he or she is suffering from.

In the case of this writer, he told me that I am suffering from occasional high-blood pressure and that one of my arteries in the heart is tight but is not blocked or occluded. “That’s why you feel chest pain once in a while,” he said.

Yes, indeed, there are times that I feel pricking pain in my chest. And occasionally, I suffer from high-blood pressure.

To cure the chest pain, he prescribed herbal medicine – “guyabano” leaves drink. He also gave me pieces of paper on which he wrote something, and instructed me to attach the paper on my chest with scotch tape.

My wife Elizabeth was diagnosed by David to be suffering from a kidney disease. This is also true: She is suffering from diabetes and undergoing dialysis treatment. She was told to drink “malunggay” (moringa) root extract. She, too, was given pieces of paper which she is to place on her stomach. She advised her against eating foods that are sweet and not easily digested.

The other patients were diagnosed to be afflicted by various diseases such as heart palpitation, cancer, asthma, dry coughing, diabetes and ulcer.

He told some of the patients to avoid eating salty and sweet foods.

At about 8 p.m. of Jan. 4, he temporarily stopped curing people and said mass which was attended by the people whom he had treated.

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The mass was said in Latin, and David was assisted by a man who acted as deacon and altar boy. Very similar to a Catholic mass, it lasted for about one hour. There was also a communion, and hosts were given to the mass goers.

David seemed to be fluent in Latin. Asked during an interview held later how he is able to memorize all the Latin prayers, David said that by regularly doing it for several years now, he has mastered saying the mass in the ancient, arcane language.

He also said that when he was in college, he took some subjects in theology. He added that the late Fr. Ben Carreon, a popular priest, was his spiritual adviser.

He believes that his healing power is a gift from God, that it is actually God who is doing the healing and that he is just a servant of the Almighty.

Persons close to David attributes his popularity to the effectiveness of his healing power.

A logbook indicated that in the last few Fridays (he attends to patients only on Fridays), the numbers of people he had treated are as follows: Nov. 30 – 109; Dec. 7 – 72; Dec. 14 – 78; Dec. 21 – 66; Dec. 28 – 69; and Jan. 4 – 98.

(In my next column, I will relate how David talk to the spirit of a dead man and expelled a bad spirit from a woman.)