US CitizenshipI had the chance to listen to a speaker from the Michigan United (MU), “a statewide coalition fighting for the dignity of all people, for an economy that works for the many, for a participatory democracy that is strong, and for a society that protects our civil rights.”

What struck me most by the presentation is MU’s current programs, specifically those on comprehensive immigration, citizenship and legal services. 

Most of us do not know the ramifications or effects of President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration. Only people knowledgeable of immigration can fully understand all these. I, for one, have no idea of how it affects the many undocumented citizens.

We heard from the news or the speech of the President on TV that immigration relief for millions of undocumented Americans might be coming soon.

Going back to the MU speaker who talked on administrative relief, I noted he had emphasized that there is a lot of good news about President Obama’s actions, but none of these can apply yet. No application forms are available yet. The speaker also aired caution that you do not need to pay money at all for legal services.

I was so interested that right away I thought of inviting the speaker to an informational session in the near future. In such session, the organizers could invite a licensed attorney or a representative to see if you qualify for relief. Or you could have a one-on-one session with the representative.

In such information session, I would like to know the temporary relief from deportation available to certain parents under the new program, “Deferred Action for Parents” (DAP) and “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA).

We need to know who will qualify and how to apply.

Once a date is confirmed for the holding this information session, I will announce it in this column.