High-Skilled Immigration Act
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House Bill (HR) No. 3012 may yet prove to become a source of hope for immigrant workers to reunite with their families.

The Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act (HR 3012) seeks to eliminate the per-country cap on family-based visas and increase the per-country quota for family-based visas from seven to 15 percent.

The changes being worked out by our legislators would help widen the way for many skilled workers who want to come to the United States. As a result, this would lead to the reunification of families.

It has always been the dream of our loved ones to join us here in the United States. Two thirds of the Asian American community population are foreign-born. This means we have many loved ones left in our country of birth, and these relatives are waiting for the chance to come to America.

Many of our family members in our home country who have academic degrees have a chance to work abroad and a chance to have a better life for themselves and their families.

We also have a huge backlog of US visa applications filed by our relatives. This is not only true to the Philippines but also to India, China and Vietnam.

But the agonizing years of waiting may soon be alleviated.

HR 3012 will help in no small way fix our broken immigration system. I am confident that this will pave the way for more favorable changes in our immigration system.

HR 3012 has been approved by the House of Representatives. Because it is a bipartisan bill, it is expected to be approved by the Senate.

But just to be sure, call your respective senators and ask them to support this piece of legislation.

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