Venture for AmericaVenture for America (VFA) is looking for talented senior students and recent graduates who have track record of being leaders and building things. VFA is looking for fellows whom it will hire after a rigorous screening process.

As the saying goes, many will apply but a few will be selected. They will just hire the best.

I first heard about VFA from Eric Chau, who is an active member of APIA Vote Michigan. We attended together the Town Hall Mixer held last Sept. 18 at the Grand Circus Detroit. The keynote speaker was Andrew Yang, VFA founder.

I hope the group in Michigan will have a similar event in the future so we can recruit participants. But it is not yet late to apply for one of the fellows.

Fellows are hired by a growth company in one of the VFA’s 10 cities based on their skills and preferences as well as company needs. They spend two years there, learning and contributing.

This information is very important regarding admission. VFA is looking for 2014 fellowships, beginning on June 24, 2014. Apply before one of the following deadlines — October 7, 2013, December 2, 2013 and February 17, 2014.

The selection process includes online application, multiple interviews, case studies, and behavioral exercises.
VFA will screen candidates based on intellectual and independent

thinking, determination, ability to surmount obstacles, resourcefulness, ability to develop and learn new skills, leadership abilities, communications and interpersonal skills.

Our community, specifically local organizations, is always looking for young emerging leaders and professionals for opportunities like this. They have a lot to offer and most of them are highly qualified in their own areas of expertise. VFA might be the right fit for them.

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VFA fellows receive full salary plus compensation and health benefits.

Fellows are fully employed by the host company and receive benefits.

Each fellow earns a salary of between $32,000 and $40,000 per year depending on the placement city.

I would like to request community organizations to share this information about VFA with young professionals and senior students in college.

For more information about VFA, contact [email protected] or call (646) 801-0466.